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Do you love your old diamond but hate the setting that it’s in? Maybe it’s a sparkler that’s in a ring setting better suited for your grandmother.  Well there is help.  You can get a new setting for your old diamond by getting it installed by some jewelers.  Some jewelers have this option but the price varies greatly because of the scrap gold value of the jewelry and the materials needed for the new setting that you want.  For example, if your old jewelry melts into a good deal of scrap gold, you could end up with hundreds and hundreds of dollars to put towards your new ring setting.  Sometimes you can bring the new setting cost down to nothing if you have enough scrap gold. Old diamonds can definitely be put on new settings, you just need to shop around for the right jewelers.

Finding the right engagement ring mount is very important and there are several options available to go with.  You can choose several different kinds of settings for your old diamonds including white gold, platinum, gold, silver and more.  Your old diamond will look loads better than that worn out gold it was originally on.  If you’re ready then take the next step and start contacting fine jewelers to see if they offer ring settings and installations for your old diamond.  Shop around to find the best deal out there because this kind of thing can differ greatly in price and quality.  You want a new unique setting for the diamond to make it unique for you.  Getting a new setting is a great choice for taking a first step in the unison of marriage.  Find out the options available to you for your old diamond or old diamonds today by contacting local jewelers.

When you are in love you really want to make the moment you pop the question special.  Call ahead with all of your specifications of your engagement ring setting ready.  Your ring setting can really symbolize certain aspects of your future marriage so choose carefully.  For example, by choosing durable metals, this setting symbolizes the durability and strength of your marriage.  Another example of symbolic value you can choose is the type of precious metal you go with for your old diamond setting.  A rare beautiful metal like gold, white gold, or diamonds can symbolize just how special and meaningful your marriage is to you both.  These are all options available to you for new settings placed on your old diamond or old diamonds. 

When choosing new jewelry settings for your old diamonds there are many settings you can choose.  You can choose anything from a gold setting, a platinum setting, a white gold setting or even a diamond setting.  You can replace that setting that doesn’t quite fit your old diamonds with a new unique setting that defines your partner’s unity together.

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What Can I Do With My Old Diamonds And Diamond Jewelry That I Don't Wear Anywhere? Is It Possible To Make It Into New Jewelry?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. carissa says:

    Pls call lookn for replicable jewelers too make me a new ring from the old diamonds.

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