Apr 12

What are the top 5 diamond jewelry trends to wear and enjoy during summer 2012?  The first is floral jewelry, with an abundance of petals and beads.  This will show your feminine side and you’ll definitely be the center of attention.  The second diamond jewelry trend is the classic glam.  This is all about showing off the timeless quality of the diamonds in traditional jewelry. 

Are you looking for a larger than life look?  The ‘big and chunky’ look is in right now.  Go for catchy vintage pieces, friendship bracelets and more. Symbolism is big right now, lots of top celebrities have been seen with crosses in their necklaces and jewelry. These were popular in the 90s and have finally returned to the fashion scene.  The fifth hot diamond jewelry trend for diamond jewelry summer 2012 is hair and body accessories.  Everything from tiaras to ear cuffs are hot and trendy right now.  Go for an original look and shine with a new diamond studded tiara.  Look great with diamond jewelry summer 2012 and become the center of attention by staying with the top 5 latest jewelry trends this summer.

5.  Floral diamond jewelry

First we have the abstract floral jewelry. Are you ready for that feminine look that shows your elegance and abundance?  Then floral jewelry is the way to go for jewelry summer 2012.  

An abundance of lovely flowers offset with luxurious jewels and metals are in style right now.  You’re sure to make a big impression with floral pieces and this is one of the best choices if you want to stand out and make a big impression this summer. 

4.  Classic glamorous Jewelry

A brilliant quote came from Coco Chanel “A girl should be two things: fabulous and classy” and we couldn’t agree more.  Classy diamond jewelry such as traditional chandelier earrings and gorgeous necklace pendants are in style.  The brilliance of traditional diamond jewelry rarely goes out of style with all of it’s perfection!

3.  Chunky and Large diamond jewelry

Big and bold jewelry is definitely IN for jewelry summer 2012.  Think big stacked bracelets, bold diamond resin earrings and thick 90s style collar necklaces.  With any of these you’re going to make a larger than life fashion statement.

2.  Crosses and other Necklace symbols

What better way to show off your individuality and what you stand for than cross jewelry or other necklace symbols for jewelry summer 2012.  Crosses were popular in the 1990s but since then they’ve become back in style.  The great thing about crosses and neck symbols in jewelry today is that there is so much variety you can choose from. 

Different symbols, colors, styles and sizes are available with cross jewelry.  Imagine yourself with a diamond sparkling cross around your neck to symbolize your beliefs and tell the world what you stand for.

1.  Hair and Body Accessories

Ready for an edgy new look?  For those more adventurous there are alternative  options such as body chains and ear cuffs that are hot right now!  These are perfect to step out and shine with uniqueness and fashion this summer. Tiaras, head bands, ear cuffs and diamond body chains are hot right now and you’re sure to get some attention and compliments from them.  

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