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An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of a couple’s relationship, and nothing is more symbolic than three stone engagement rings that represent the different stages of that relationship. A three stone ring is precisely a band that focuses not on a single gem, but one that highlights a row of three matching stones.

Also called trinity rings, three stone rings represent the past, present, and future of a couple’s relationship, making them particularly significant as engagement rings. Three stone rings are also popular as anniversary rings. The majority of three stone rings have only three stones, without additional side or accent stones, though more elaborate arrangements are available. While many engagement rings use more than one stone, three stone rings have very specific characteristics that distinguish them from more traditional settings.

In most three stone rings, all three gems are fairly close in size, though the central stone may be slightly larger than the other two. This is in contrast to traditional engagement rings that may indeed have three separate gems, but the side stones are far smaller than the center diamond.

Overall, three stone rings typically are a heavier carat weight than traditional solitaires, because if the three stones are too small, they do not appear to be a three stone ring and instead simply make a pretty arrangement such as a channel or pave setting. For most three stone engagement rings, all stones are the same shape, with round and princess stones being the most popular shapes because they fit together smoothly.

Other shapes such as the marquise, emerald, and oval can be found, however. Heart-shaped three stone rings are very uncommon because they are not well-suited to having three large stones aligned together. A few three stone designs incorporate different shapes, such as two trilliant diamonds flanking a slightly larger princess- or emerald-shaped stone.

Because the ring uses three large stones instead of a single solitaire, a three stone ring has the potential to be far more expensive than many traditional settings that use smaller, less costly stones as embellishments. Much of the ring’s price depends on the stone quality, however, and depending on the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color of the gems, the price can vary significantly from ring to ring. As with any engagement ring, always examine the quality of each stone, the ring’s setting, and other details before committing to a purchase.

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