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A diamond’s charm is in its beauty. The glow that a white or colored diamond gives is the hallmark of pristine elegance that cannot be duplicated on any other jewelry type. This special fact makes diamond earrings very special so much so, that diamond earrings are only worn at occasions where their true value will be appreciated.

Diamond earrings will make the wearer stand out from the crowd in the sort of brilliance that only diamond earrings can give. So, what occasions are most ideal for wearing diamond earrings?

0.25CT round cut diamonds stud earrings


A bride’s smile will be immortalized by an immaculate pair of diamond earrings. Scintillating diamonds set in either gold or platinum to complement the weddings color scheme will capture the bride’s panache in wedding photos for ages to come.

Romantic Themed Events

Think of a dinner date where the lady wants to be the center of attention, keeping her
companion’s eyes fixed on her and not roving around the restaurant looking at others. Diamond earrings are most ideal for first dates and can be complemented with a host of other brilliantly designed jewelry to give the lady a regal look.

These are just some of the many occasions when ladies can wear diamond earrings to look their best. To avoid the embarrassment of a flop, you should put some effort in making certain that your jewelry is bona fide. Here are some pointers to help you out in choosing best quality diamonds.

Higher quality diamonds demand that you pay a higher price for them. Unfortunately,
not all people can afford to fit this into their budgets. This, however, does not mean that you have to do without.

A diamond that is well cut returns a significantly greater amount of light which in turn
is displayed as scintillation, dispersion and brilliance.

– these are the flashes and reflections of white light from the diamond’s
 surface depending on the movement of the light source, observer or the diamond itself.  

The total amount light that emanates from the diamond to the eye of the

Flashes of fire or color especially when examining a diamond in direct, strong

Simply go for the “eye-clean” clarity and G-H color excellent cut diamonds. Even though such diamond earrings tend to be moderately priced they tend to have the same lustrous effect as the higher priced diamond earrings.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Many experts agree that G-H color diamonds appear colorless when mounted.
  • The excellent cut is what gives a diamond that brilliant sparkle.
  • A diamond of S-12 clarity has got no flaws that are visible to the naked eye and is thus much cheaper yet has the same sparkle. If you’re looking for a bargain and willing to make a slight compromise in brilliance, the l1 might suit you as long as the color range is in the G-H range and the cut is excellent.
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