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Diamond jewelry is always the first choice when it comes to celebrating anniversaries. To commemorate that special moment, a lot of planning has to be done to make the lady in your life feel appreciated. There are very few ways that you can celebrate your special moments together without making a huge mess of the whole event. The romantic dinner dates are one of those!

When planning for a dinner date, you need to plan ahead of time and don’t wait until it’s just a couple of hours to the moment. Think of all the wonderful things you could incorporate into your romantic date to make sure that the countdown to giving that special someone in your life diamond jewelry is immortalized forever in her mind.

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One such romantic scenario would be taking her out to watch her favorite movie as a surprise marriage proposal. Unknown to her the movie would involve you talking about her and the great times you’ve spent together leading up to the present moment. If you want to make the presentation a bit exciting for her, you could playfully hold up placards in the video with fun words leading up to the moment you propose to her. At the end of the short “movie” you would step in front of her and go down on one knee presenting her with an excellently cut and mounted diamond ring.

Another scenario that may include a lot of effort would be to prearrange a visit to Sea World. To pull this off successfully you would need the support of the staff. As the both of you enjoy looking at the fish, the staff would swim up to where you are and show her a placard with her name on it asking her to marry you. At this juncture you would reveal the diamond jewelry and pop it onto her finger as soon as she says yes.

If the romantic date is being held in honor of your anniversary together, diamond earrings would be the best diamond jewelry to give to your better half. Even though diamonds are meant for the 10th anniversary, every woman would be happy to be
surprised with a pair of lustrous diamond jewelry on a romantic date.

If the diamond jewelry is an engagement ring, you may consider finding out the shape of diamond ring she prefers. Diamond jewelry comes in various shapes such as princess, round, oval, cushion and more. You can easily find out what shape she favors from her friends. You could also wait for her to drop a hint for the type of diamond shape she would like.

At primestyle.com we pride ourselves for having diamond jewelry in all shapes and sizes all at an affordable price you won’t find anywhere else. Our high quality diamond jewelry is made from our own factory and each of our timeless pieces comes with a 30-day return policy.

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