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Before taking the plunge and spending a hefty amount of money on jewelry you must be prepared. There are many factors you should consider when purchasing jewelry to insure you get exactly what you are looking for. Unlike clothing or electronics, jewelry is very valuable and expensive and it is easy to make a wrong purchase or become misled into purchasing something you didn’t intend for. Knowledge and education of the diamond and diamond jewelry world is a must. Without this knowledge you can spend double the amount of money then you were supposed to.

The first fact to consider is a knowledge base of the 4C’s of diamonds. The 4C’s stand for color, cut, clarity, and carat weight for diamonds. Each category affects the price of each stone differently. Depending on your personality and financial situation this will help you determine what specifications you will be able to spend more money and what you may be able to save money in. It is always good to remember that gemstones which are very affordable also embellish jewelry nicely and is an important factor you should consider when purchasing jewelry.

2.00CT round cut diamonds wedding band

Another factor to consider when purchasing jewelry is what type of metal do you want. There are various types such as 14KT and 18KT white and yellow gold, platinum, and silver. 14KT gold is more durable than the 18KT which is more valuable. This is because gold already is a weak substance and more of it is used to make 18KT making it weaker. Less gold is used to make 14KT gold making it the stronger of the two metals. Platinum is the most expensive and the most durable of the metals. Going with platinum is great choice for the insurance it provides to protect any diamonds you may have in your jewelry. Silver is the most affordable of metal types. For jewelry pieces such as earrings or necklaces 18KT gold is a great choice because they are less likely to be hit against something. Bracelets and rings should definitely be in 14KT or platinum. Selecting the correct metal type is an important factor you should consider when purchasing jewelry.

The last factor to consider is where you are going to purchase your jewelry. While local jewelers are easy and accessible they may not offer the best prices or greatest selection of jewelry. Be sure to compare prices amongst all local jewelers and that they sell you the jewelry with the accompanying certificates and appraisals. Be sure they are a reputable jewelry dealer. It has become increasingly popular to purchase jewelry online. Most online jewelers offer great selections and great prices.
Like any other business, be sure to do research on the company and that they have been in business for a good amount time. Also be sure that you will get a certificate and appraisal with your purchase. Stay away from pawn shops and antique shops unless you are experience with diamonds and jewelry, most likely there will be no paperwork associated with it and it is possible you could be ripped off. These are all important factors to consider when purchasing jewelry.
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