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Nov 16

Acquiring a unique diamond journey necklace with pendant from a loved one is one of the most beautiful reminder  that you are always thought of. Despite being a relative newcomers to the world of jewelry, the Journey pendant has fast … Continue reading

Nov 16

Congratulations! You probably need a cheap anniversary band with great quality because you are about to celebrate an anniversary with an amazing love. You certainly didn’t break their heart since they are still around, right? Now, you want to be … Continue reading

Oct 15

Beauty, like art is subjective. We hear, often, how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It can be very stressful to pick out the perfect, most beautiful ring for that amazing person in your life. After all, they … Continue reading

Oct 13

Increasingly these days the celebration of a milestone sixteenth birthday is expected to be bigger and better than ever and that includes the gifts. It is traditional for the close relatives of a girl celebrating a Sweet Sixteen to buy … Continue reading

Oct 13

Did you ever look at a beautiful diamond and wonder just how something that began life as a rock mined from the ground ended up a something so precious? The simple fact is that there is a lot more to … Continue reading