Apr 17

Being overjoyed for the blissful day is quite normal. You’ve every right to do what you want and spend as you like – right from selecting the date, to the wedding dress, the jewelry, the venue, and everything else. However, if this small word “budget” pulls you back from doing something, then go for cheap wedding rings sets. It will save you a few thousand dollars for sure.

Why do I emphasize on cheap wedding rings sets here? Because, they’re a perfect wedding jewelry – they save you money, yet hold the value of emotions high. Cheap wedding rings sets are quite an option to go for.

PrimeStyle sells wedding sets lower than retail. You save more than 70% on selected jewelry. Reason is simple – we’re a diamond manufacturer and hence are able to provide our customers what they want at the lowest prices.

Take a glimpse of the wedding rings sets below, and you’re more likely to order a set right away.

1. http://www.primestyle.com/045ct-round-diamonds-wedding-p-84168.html

Two identical rings made with 14KT white gold and also available in 18KT white gold and platinum, these wedding rings are just something you’d want to buy. The diamonds studded are round-cut and have 0.45CT of total weight.

If you go shopping for this ring in the retail market, you’ll have to shell out around $3,600.00. But shopping for the same from PrimeStyle saves you 75% and all you pay is $878.99.

Besides saving money, you’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade the metal and also the diamond carat weight.

Cheap Wedding Rings Sets

2. http://www.primestyle.com/065ct-round-diamonds-wedding-p-83014.html

Carat weight of this diamond is slightly more. It is 0.65CT. There are only two diamonds embedded in this wedding ring set i.e. one on each ring. The diamonds are round-cut and are set at the center. The diamond in one ring is 0.40CT and in other 0.25CT. So when combined they make a solid set of wedding set.

The metal used here is 14KT yellow gold. You can upgrade it to 18KT if you want. However, the price will go up a little. Currently it is priced at $1,101.99 compared to the retail price which is $4,628.48. In case you want the same item in different metal that is white gold or platinum, go through the items PrimeStyle and you’ll find what you want.

The quality I-J/VS2-SI1 and can be upgraded too. So, it’s totally up to you what to buy.


3. http://www.primestyle.com/085ct-princess-diamonds-wedding-p-84078.html

Princess-cut diamonds neatly set in white gold metal makes this set a worth buy. Men’s ring has 0.65CT of weight and the ladies ring has 0.20CT of weight. Thus, the total goes to 0.85CT when combines.

The ring is made in 14KT white gold. However, one can go for 18KT or also for platinum. The higher the carat weights of the diamond and the carat (purity) of the metal, the higher the price. To own this ring set, you have to pay only $1,934.99.

The quality is I-J/VS2-SI1 and it can also be upgraded depending upon the purity of the metal and stone weight.



Cheap wedding rings sets aren’t low quality products. It’s just that they’re sold at factory prices. Make a purchase of wedding sets from PrimeStyle and save big money and avail lot other benefits such as guarantee and free shipping.

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Nov 16

Are you looking to get a unique wedding ring sets for him and her? or perhaps you prefer simple cheap set of wedding rings that is of great quality and exquisite?

Yeah… some brides want just simple wedding band, some want unique wedding set with lots of enhancement. What determines the choice of most men is the type of wedding ring for her

Whatever your preference is, we’ve got you covered.

A wedding ring is a timeless, once-in-a-lifetime purchase.  You want it to be perfect.  You deserve to have it perfect.

Although you can get stunning wedding rings at Primestyle.com for incredible prices, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality to do it.  A marriage takes two hearts and makes them beat as one.  That’s why you and the love of your life have chosen the symbolism that comes with a pair of unique matching wedding bands.  That’s why our commitment is to help you find not just a beautiful wedding band at affordable price, but to find your beautiful wedding band.

It’s simple, really.  Wedding rings encapsulate a love that is unique to your relationship.  You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a piece of jewelry that brings that relationship to life in a way that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.  This sampling of some of the different styles you can find on Primestyle.com will show you that we have the perfect design to match your love:

1. 0.35CT Wedding Ring Set

 Cheap wedding ring sets for him and her

This elegant and playful design features a 0.35CT total weight across the pair.  The men’s diamond weighs 0.20CT and the woman’s weighs 0.15CT.  The ring itself comes in 14KT Yellow or White Gold, 18KT Yellow or White Gold, and Platinum.

The beauty of this unique wedding ring set can only be experienced when seen physically.

2. 0.45CT Wedding Ring Set

Cheap wedding ring sets for him and her

This sleek, simple wedding band set features a 0.45CT total weight of round-cut diamonds.  Four diamonds are in each ring – 0.30CT in the man’s and 0.15CT in the woman’s – for a total of eight diamonds between the two.  It is available with a 14KT Yellow Gold ring.

3. 0.65CT Wedding Ring Set


If you are not a fan of white gold wedding ring wait till you wield this beautiful ring

It is beautiful set of simple, circular wedding bands featuring six princess cut diamonds in total.  The men’s ring has three diamonds with a 0.40CT total weight, while the women’s ring has three diamonds with a 0.25CT total weight.  The ring itself is made of 14CT White Gold.

4. 0.90CT Wedding Ring Set


This is one unique wedding band set for him and her that I love personally

Each of these matching rings has an incredible thirteen diamond set into the ring band itself.  The wavy pattern of the diamonds is fun and interesting while still being luxuriously simple. The twenty-six round cut diamonds are divided between the two so that 0.60CT are in the men’s ring and 0.30CT are in the women’s ring.

5. 1.00CT Wedding Ring Set


Each of the wedding bands in this spectacular set features nine round-cut diamonds for an incredible 1.00CT total weight between them with a Yellow Gold band.

Making it a very suitable wedding band especially for the diamond lovers.


With the incredible selection at PrimeStyle.com, you are sure to find the matching his and her wedding ring set that will personify the unique love that makes your marriage special.

Furthermore, we can also customize your wedding band if that’s what you desire.

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Nov 16

Acquiring a unique diamond journey necklace with pendant from a loved one is one of the most beautiful reminder  that you are always thought of.

Despite being a relative newcomers to the world of jewelry, the Journey pendant has fast become a highly popular piece. They’re a singularly beautiful design, modern, fashionable and highly desirable and if you’ve something to share, to honor,  then the Journey pendant is a natural choice.

The Meaning Of A Journey Pendant

Simply put, they’re a reflection of a journey, be it one that’s already been undertaken, one about to begin or even one that’s reached the end of its path. They’re often bought by young couples, as a physical sign of their commitment to each other, a symbol of their growing love and the life they’re hoping to share with each other.

An older, more established couple can purchase one of these pendants to represent the life they’ve lived (together) so far – the milestones, the triumphs, the tragedies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about something to come or something that’s already in the past, the point of a Journey pendant is the sentiment, the expression of something shared or to be shared between two people.

When you remember the old adage ‘life is a journey’, you will understand the premise behind these pendants. The saying couldn’t be more apt, more fitting, and what better way to demonstrate it than with a beautiful piece of jewelry that perfect matches the sentiment?

As with any type of jewelry, Journey pendants come in several variants of the base design – that being a collection of stones that represent various successes and triumphs encountered by a couple, or those that a newly established couple expect to encounter.

Usually set as a five or seven stone combination, the pendants can be styled in the following designs:

the ladder
the drop
an ‘S’
a circle
a heart
a spiral

All of the above are represent a different type of shared journey, which further personalizes each pendant according to the needs and wishes of the purchaser.

Originally they were designed to showcase a total of seven stones, and the gemstones themselves could be pearls, semi-precious or diamonds. Of course the most highly prized (now) are those set with diamonds, if for no other reason than their obvious relation to both strength and beauty.

Since the inception of the design back in 2006, Journey pendants have gone on to gain a firm foothold in the jewelry market, and they’re now bought as much to represent the journey of life as they are the sharing of the journey between two people. In essence the pendant has now undergone its own journey, making it even more special – as well as connected to the reasons for owning one in the first place.

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Nov 16

Congratulations! You probably need a cheap anniversary band with great quality because you are about to celebrate an anniversary with an amazing love.

You certainly didn’t break their heart since they are still around, right? Now, you want to be sure you don’t break the bank!

Believe it or not, choosing the perfect, yet affordable anniversary bands is totally doable. And when we say “affordable” we mean less than $1, 000!

Anniversary jewelry can range from anniversary rings for her and him including elegant wedding anniversary bands to various styles of diamond anniversary gifts. There are many different places where you can find interesting, unique pieces on sites such as Etsy and Uncommon Goods, but unless you truly know your partner’s style, some jewelry may be difficult to pick out. Sort of like clothes! Some of us wouldn’t dare purchase clothing for our loved one. Maybe lingerie perhaps, but that’s a different blog post.

So, if you want unique and luxurious but you don’t want to break the bank, PrimeStyle has a great list of affordable anniversary bands that will fit any style and will set your mind and wallet at ease.

Here’s a list of 5 totally affordable anniversary bands that are guaranteed to make her smile! And yes, they are under $1000!

1.30 CT Round Cut Diamond Anniversary Eternity Band

Anniversary band

We love the setting on this ring and you can’t go wrong with a diamond anniversary band, especially for one that is set in 14kt white gold, has 1.3 carats of diamond for less than $1000.00. Diamonds are traditionally reserved for the 10th year of marriage, but whether this is your first year or 50th, diamond eternity bands are one of the best diamond anniversary gifts.

They can complement a wedding set very well, assuming it will be worn on the same finger as her wedding band and engagement ring. This might be common sense, but if you expect she would wear this near her wedding set, be sure to choose the same metal so it will match her set.  If you know the quality of the diamonds, you may also want to see if you can match the quality.

Maybe she has too many diamonds and you think she would prefer a tinge of color?

Just to be clear, a woman can never have too many diamonds, but if you want to choose an anniversary band that has some color than choose this:

1.00CT Princess Cut Diamonds and Sapphires Wedding Band

saphire anniversary band

Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in the month of September, so if this is her, perfect! If not, no big deal because sapphires are usually associated with royalty and she is a queen, right? A sapphire used in an engagement ring represents loyalty so, of course this sapphire wedding band is perfect for an anniversary gift. In fact, the half eternity, which is the style of this ring, is super popular and is sometimes worn stacked with others.

Since we’re starting to talk about royalty and loyalty, here is the #3 affordable anniversary band.

1.90 CT Round Cut Diamonds and Rubies Anniversary Band

ruby anniversary band

Red has long been associated with love and passion and is considered an appropriate gift for the 15th or the 40th wedding anniversary. This ring is very appropriate as a beautiful, romantic anniversary gift and what we love about this ring compared to others is the two- stacked diamonds alternating with the rubies.

Then each gemstone is surrounded by a tiny halo adding to its “upscale” appeal so imagine how it will look when you present it to her during your candlelight anniversary dinner. Which you better go make that dinner reservation, but before you do, check out this breathtaking ring which is number 4 on our list.

0.50 CT Princess Cut Three-Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring

3stonediamond anniversary band

This is half a carat of diamonds and is still under $1000.

The three-stone diamond anniversary ring is commonly referred to as a past, present and future ring. If you are searching for something a bit more traditional and symbolic, this would be the perfect choice of anniversary jewelry. This ring style seems to be a popular one for the 25th wedding anniversary.

White gold or platinum is always a personal favorite because it a great match for silver jewelry lovers, but it also looks beautiful in yellow gold. This style of anniversary ring, will never go out of style and is always a favorite! This is also another ring that can complement a wedding set nicely.

Are you ready for a bit of high fashion?


0.50 CT Round Cut Diamonds Fashion Ring

round cut anniversary band

Now this is fashion and eye-catching! Okay so maybe it is a bit “not-so-traditional,” but you know her and she is a little different than the rest and that’s why you fell madly in love with her. This ring looks super expensive, because of the great craftsmanship and we love the secure setting of the diamonds, but it’s still under $1000.

As far as why this a great anniversary ring, perhaps the nine diamonds could represent 9 years of marriage!? Or your nine children? Or your nine lives? The nine diamonds can represent anything your heart desires or nothing at all. What’s also great about this ring is that it would look great alone due to the lovely spread of the diamonds. It does not need any other jewelry to help it stand out as this one certainly shines on its own.

This ring beats all our favorite anniversary rings for her and is totally guaranteed to make her smile.

See? 5 affordable anniversary bands to choose from that will certainly make her smile and will also leave you enough cash left over for a nice dinner, which don’t forget to make that reservation!

Did you find your favorite among this list? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Better yet, please share us your review and pictures!

Happy Anniversary!

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Oct 16

Besides being stunningly gorgeous, ever wonder why eternity bands are so popular?

Eternity rings for women have graced the hands of many beautiful and powerful women such as Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and are still very popular today. Even men are getting on the eternity ring band-wagon and are starting to wear them as wedding bands and even as engagement rings. What makes these rings so popular?

PrimeStyle did a little research and we discovered the top 4 reasons why eternity bands are so popular

Eternity Bands are the perfect balance between timeless and trendy!

They are the perfect wedding band or statement piece that have the perfect balance of popular and trendy, yet timeless. Originally, they were meant to be given as an anniversary gift or to celebrate the birth of a child, but are fast becoming a “must have” for anyone’s jewelry box.

This style is so classy, that Marylyn Monroe’s wedding ring when she married baseball legend Joe DiMaggio was a beautiful baguette-cut diamond full eternity band set in platinum. Unfortunately, their wedding didn’t last an eternity, which is what an eternity band should represent!

However, they were married in 1954 and over 60 years later, the diamond eternity band is still “in style” and a super popular choice.

Full eternity bands, also referred to as infinity bands, have gemstones that are placed side by side forming a complete circle around the circumference of your finger. The cut of the gemstone is usually the same and settings can vary with the bezel setting being the most modern. These bands also come in various widths and can also be multi-rowed.

This choice is also considered the most popular for those who want to combine their wedding band and engagement ring into one ring or for those searching for the perfect anniversary gift. The colorless sparkle of a diamond will match with any outfit making this a popular style for those who want a ring for every day wear.

You can wear more than just one!

On the same finger, that is. Eternity bands enjoy company. Stacking multiple eternity bands on one finger adds extra drama prefer the look of stacked eternity bands instead of one large engagement ring. Some choose to wear a stack of diamond eternity bands with various widths but emerald eternity bands, ruby eternity rings and rose gold are also gaining popularity as a great alternative to diamonds.

Emeralds can also be a girl’s best friend and they represent love and harmony which also makes them a popular gemstone for engagement rings.

Did you know that emeralds are rarer than diamonds and were once worn and collected by Egyptian queen, Cleopatra? Choosing this colored gemstone instead of diamond makes an emerald eternity band less expensive, but certainly not less glamorous or extravagant.

An emerald eternity band looks amazing in any metal, but look best when set in yellow gold and of course, an emerald cut emerald is usually the preferred cut.

Eternity bands can contain a mix of cuts on one ring!

With an eternity band, you don’t have to choose just one type of cut! A full eternity band has plenty of room on the band to fit a series of mixed cut diamonds or gemstones on one ring. Of course, we don’t suggest you go crazy with various cuts, but we do suggest that you keep it simple with just two different cuts.

For example, if you can’t decide between an emerald or round-cut, you can see that both can live together on the same band in perfect harmony like this favorite from PrimeStyle round and princess cut diamonds eternity band set in white gold.

Round and Princess Cut Eternity Bands


There are two important things to know about full eternity bands.

They are difficult to resize so make sure you get your size right the first time!

Second, full eternity bands are a popular choice because rings tend to naturally spin around your finger and a full eternity band will always display its brilliance regardless which side is up.

A Mix of Diamond Eternity bands and your Other Favorite Gemstone Looks great!

Check out the contrast of the blue sapphire against the white of the diamond in this sapphire and diamonds full eternity band.

So, you don’t have to choose between your love of diamonds and another gemstone as you can have both!

You don’t necessarily have to get a full eternity band to be able to enjoy a mix of cuts or gemstones on one ring. Consider choosing a half eternity band.

Half eternity bands have gemstones placed only on the top half of the band. The top portion can be all diamonds, just gemstones or a combination.

You probably know a mother, maybe your own mother or grandmother, who wears a mother’s ring which is often made in the half eternity band style. A mother’s ring is made with the birthstones of her children and has remained the top most popular gift for mother’s days for over 50 years.

For those on a budget, this is the style of choice, but just because its “half” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s half the price of a full eternity band. It will depend on your choice of metal, the gemstones and the quality of both.

One important thing to know about half-eternity bands is that most assume that having gems only on the top side of the band means that there is less risk of damaging the gems on the underside of your finger. However, most rings will spin so keep this in mind when considering this style.

Now, let’s get real about the major difference between a full eternity band and a half-eternity band.

Many choose the style of a half eternity band style because it’s easier to resize that a full eternity band. Resizing metal is much easier than removing gems! The ability to resize a ring is sometimes overlooked, but let’s be honest, most of us tend to put on a few extra pounds after marriage or having a baby. Having the ability to resize an eternity band makes the half style more practical than a full eternity band.


Delivered as promise! The top 4 reasons why eternity bands are popular. You can mix and match cuts and gemstones and they are timeless and trendy! If you want to see a selection of great eternity bands, visit PrimeStyle.com and if you have other reasons as to why eternity bands are so popular, share!

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