A Man’s Guide to Buying Wholesale Diamond Engagement Rings

Most men and women have very different considerations when buying wedding sets. Most men are concerned primarily about the price of the diamond engagement ring, whereas most women are focused on the 4 Cs, cut, color, clarity, and carat (weight). Is there anyway to find a compromise between these two opposing viewpoints? We think so. So we’ve created a short guide to satisfy a man’s budget concerns while giving the woman what she wants at the best possible price.

The First C - Cut

A diamond’s cut is normally a pure cosmetic decision made by the woman. The three most popular cuts are round, princess and cushion cuts, in that order.  Round diamond engagement rings are exactly as advertised, a diamond face that is round in shape.  Princess cut diamond engagement rings are square or rectangular in shape and are very popular as well. Lastly cushion cut diamond engagement rings are a hybrid of the two, looking square in shape but with rounded corners. As a rule, round cuts are definitely traditional while princess cuts are very feminine. But cushion cuts are for that special woman who wants to set herself apart from the crowd.  

The Second C - Color

A diamond's color is graded on a scale which at D (colorless) and ends at Z (canary yellow or brown tint). A diamond’s color determines the rarity of the diamond and changes the cost the closer to D (colorless) you get. This is an area where you can save some budget by choosing a color rating from G-I. Most likely, your bride to be will be happy with the color and will be happy that you saved budget to purchase a bigger diamond.

The Third C - Clarity

Clarity grades are given by very fine distinctions in the size and number of inclusions, or flaws that a diamond has. The clarity measurement scale ranges from flawless (FL), being completely blemish free to included, which contains flaws that may affect the shine and reflection of the stone. This is the best way to save money on your diamond purchase. No one will be able to tell if there are inclusions in the stone unless they are an expert looking at the diamond with a magnifying glass. So compromise on clarity to help you get the biggest diamond for your buck.

The Fourth C - Carat (Weight)

Let’s face it guys...size matters. This is probably the most important aspect of the diamond for a woman.  Most women want the biggest diamond possible. So how do you satisfy your woman with the size of diamond she really wants? Well we have given you two areas where you can save on the cost, color and clarity, in order to buy the biggest rock you can afford. Of course, being able to talk about the clarity of your diamond might be flattering at a dinner party, but she really wants other women to gawk at the diamond’s size.

Buy From A Diamond Wholesaler

Our last tip is to price shop when you have determined which range of the four Cs you and your wife to be are comfortable with. Diamond prices are so high due to the supply chain and labor involved with mining diamonds. And a very costly step in that chain is when diamond suppliers sell to the wholesalers, who then sell to your local jewelers. Finding a reputable diamond wholesaler and purchasing direct from them can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your bridal set purchase. You will be thrilled at the money you saved when purchasing your wholesale diamond ring direct.