A Brief History of Diamond Engagement Rings

Do you ever wonder women receive engagement rings before the wedding? Or when diamonds were placed in the engagement rings?  We are about to give you a quick history lesson about the engagement ring and its evolution over the years.

The Beginning

It all started back in the second century B.C. with the Romans. The bride-to-be was given two rings before marriage, one she wore in public and a second ring to wear at home while doing housework. These engagement rings were originally made of iron, but gold rings became popular years later. For many years it was customary for the woman to wear the iron ring at home and the gold ring in public. Then in 1215 at the Fourth Council of the Lateran, Pope Innocent III instituted the banns of marriage, stating that all marriages must be held a church and were to be planned in advance so others could attend and attest to the union.

the beginning of the diamonds

Diamond Days

He first diamond ring ever documented as an engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximiian of Austria in 1477, to his betrothed, Mary of Burgandy. Many years later in 1866, diamonds were discovered in South Africa. Five years later, the diamond mines were producing one million carats per year. At first these were only given by nobility and the aristocracy, but as production increased, others could enjoy the excitement of receiving a diamond ring.

Diamond Days

“A Diamond is Forever”

During The Great Depression, the diamond company De Beers noticed the demand for diamonds was dropping and so were the prices. De Beers called on a New York ad agency, N.W. Ayer, to help them re-create demand for their diamonds. N.W. Ayers created arguably the most effective ad campaign ever with their timeless slogan, “A Diamond Is Forever”.  Movie stars and fashion designers follow the trend and the demand for diamond engagement was revived.

A Diamond is Forever

With that perspective, we can see why picking out the best diamond engagement ring you can afford is so important to a bride-to-be. She is one of millions of lovely ladies who have dreamed of receiving a shiny rock from the man of her dreams since she was a little girl. PrimeStyle is the perfect place to fulfill her dreams with a wholesale diamond engagement ring that is stunning but won’t break the bank.