3 Reasons To Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Before The Holidays

If you’ve been watching diamond prices lately, you’ve probably noticed the prices dropping over the last year. There are many factors that affect the price of diamonds including mining of the diamonds, the cut and polishing and finally grading by an independent laboratory. Once that process if completed, they are sold to diamond wholesalers or diamond dealers who then sell them to retail stores around the country. At PrimeStyle, we are the wholesaler, so we can sell diamond cheaper than you would find at retail outlets. Just cutting out that last step to the retail outlets is how we can save you 50-78% off your retail diamond cost. Below are 3 reasons to buy your wedding ring or any other diamonds before the holiday season.

Reason #1. Diamond prices are near record lows right now.  

The chart below is IDEXonline’s Diamond Index which charts the value of diamonds over time. This graph represents diamond prices over the last 5 years.   

idex diamond index

It confirms that diamond prices are near record lows right now. Just like the stock market, you should buy low and sell high. Now is that time to buy. And if you don’t buy soon, those prices will inevitably go up, which means you won’t get the same value you would at this time.

Reason #2. Beat the holiday rush and save.  

Many people believe that purchasing jewelry during the holiday season will save them money since many stores promote “Holiday Sales”. This is simply not true. Demand for diamonds increase during the holiday season, which drives up the price of diamonds each season. Smart shoppers know that purchasing that perfect diamond engagement ring or set of diamond earrings is best done before the holiday season arrives.  

Reason #3. Get Better Diamonds Before Inventory Gets Low.

Purchasing a wholesale engagement ring before the holidays will not only save you money, but you will have a larger selection of diamond rings to choose from. Think of it as buying your ring before all the Black Friday shoppers are clawing and fighting for the best deals. The longer you wait, the more competition there will be to find that perfect engagement ring that you will cherish for life. So start looking now and beat the holiday competition.