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Testimonials are important to because we know they are important to you. Here is a brief summary of the testimonials so-far published here. We have many more and invite you to add your own by sending us your comments.

As we guarantee your satisfaction with the finest selection on diamonds in the industry, it is extremely important that we hear back from our customers. Over the years we have collected and compiled our customer feedback letters, emails, and phone calls. We would like to share our archived customer feedback with you, and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have.
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Real letters from customers
2012-03-25 - I bought this online and I was very pleased when it arrived. I opened it up and it was more than what I thought it would look like. It has such a great sparkle to it. I bought it for my boyfriend as a promise ring and he wears it well. Itís great for a guy with larger built or bigger fingers and still looks proportionate. Its heavy and I would recommend this ring to anyone.

2012-03-22 - Yay! The ring I ordered came today! Normally I am not one to write a review but I was just in such awe of how great the products and service is of Prime Style. They really know what they are doing! I had order a beautiful solitaire engagement ring with a upgraded center stone of 1.25CT! And I had a customized wedding band made to match with the particular style. Just phenomenal! I cannot wait to go outside in public and show it off to everybody! I will of course be coming back for all my future shopping! Thanks again Prime Style.

Ruth M.

2012-03-14 - The service at Primestyle was great. Everyone I spoke to was helpful and a pleasure to talk to. My ring looks just like the picture. It is a little too small and needs to be resized, but other than that it was a great experience and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great ring, at a fraction of the cost and in a fast time frame. Very satisfied customer.

helen morant

2012-03-10 - The rings I ordered from primestyle were received in perfect condition. I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for a job well done. My wedding was last weekend and everything including my rings sparkled and looked great. My husbands ring fit perfectly too. He has large fingers and we were afraid that it may be too small. But he said it is comfortable and loves the look.

Mary G

2012-03-04 - After receiving my rings the other day I realized that one of the diamonds were missing. I looked around everywhere but was nor able to locate it. I called Primestyle to let them know and to see how we could get it fixed. They sent me instructions to send the ring back to have it inspected. After inspection they called me to let me know that they didnít see any damage to the ring that should have made the stone come out. The ring was fixed for me and returned back within just 2 days. Thanks a million.

Shellie Oconner

2012-03-02 - Absolutely fabulous!!!!!! I just received my ring from Primestyle and it is gorgeous. I thought it would just be ok, but it has surpassed my expectations. I canít wait to show it to my best friend as she thought is was too good to be true for the price as well.

Helen Skelton

2012-03-02 - While on vacation for Christmas I lost my main diamond in my engagement ring. I was devastated. We had hand picked my stone and as it had taken us a while to find one to fit my unique shaped ring. While on the Primestyle site, I noticed loose diamonds on the list and we went from there. I ordered a new diamond from primestyle and had it cut to fit my ring. I got all of the certification with my diamond and was able to save a few hundred dollars this way.

rosa jerrera

2012-02-24 - After ordering two bracelets that were exactly the same, I decided to order a third but this one I wanted it to have alternating pink sapphires and diamonds. When I got the bracelet, it was beautiful except that the diamonds didnít match the previous two bracelets. After speaking with the specialist the best thing to do was return the bracelet along with one of the first two so that they could match the diamonds perfectly. It came out amazing and I wear them together everyday.


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