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Testimonials are important to because we know they are important to you. Here is a brief summary of the testimonials so-far published here. We have many more and invite you to add your own by sending us your comments.

As we guarantee your satisfaction with the finest selection on diamonds in the industry, it is extremely important that we hear back from our customers. Over the years we have collected and compiled our customer feedback letters, emails, and phone calls. We would like to share our archived customer feedback with you, and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

If you don't believe that luxury can be simple, take a look at the .25ct round cut diamond wedding band Anthony purchased! Set in 18kt white gold with 11 round cut diamonds weighing a total of .25 carats, this ring is a beautiful representation of a lifetime commitment of marriage and love. Each precious diamond encrusted in the 18kt white gold band reflects the light beautifully. Thank you for sharing your pictures with PrimeStyle, Anthony!

Anthony Sartini


Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band – 0.25CT

Ronila searched PrimeStyle's large collection of diamond engagement rings in search of a glamorous diamond ring. Ronila found this 1.75CT round and princess cut diamonds engagement ring set and chose a 14kt white gold setting. This ring is full of stunning diamonds all of G-H in color and VS1-VS2 in clarity.
The center diamond is round cut and weighs .80ct and on each side of the center diamond, there are 2 rows of side stones that cascade from the center diamond and are princess and round cut. Ronila sent us a great picture of this ring and it cannot be disputed that this ring is certainly glamorous!

Ronilo Monares


1.75CT Round and Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Jade chose a bridal set perfect for royalty. Just take a look at this bridal set and we challenge you to share your first thought with us! We think "queen!" This 3.85CT round Cut engagement ring and wedding band is absolutely stunning. Set in 14kt white gold, this ring has a dazzling stage for these diamonds that are of I-J in color and VS2-VS1 in clarity. This ring definitely makes a bold statement and is a beautiful symbol of love and commitment. We're so happy Jade trusted us with this purchase!! Thanks for sharing the picture and congratulations!

Jade Pergande


Bridal Set – 3.85CT round Cut Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are simple, powerful and classic. We love them and we thing Christopher chose the perfect ring! Christopher chose a .45ct round cut diamond solitaire diamond ring set in 18kt white gold and he sent us a picture of his fiancé wearing this beautiful ring. The round cut diamond belongs to the G-H color and VS1-VS2 clarity group which means it is has that extra brilliance that is a characteristic of a diamond with this type of quality. The 18kt white gold is also very polished and shiny as you can see in the picture! Thanks for sending the picture Christopher and congratulations on your engagement!

Christopher Mysiorek


0.45CT Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

This 1.45ct round cut diamonds bridal set is blazing in its 14kt yellow gold band. Hubert sent us a picture of the ring he purchased from PrimeStyle and we feel like we have been let in on a big secret! We hope this beautiful 1 round cut diamond weighing 0.35CT along with 26 round cut diamond side stones weighing 0.60ct brought you a yes! And on her wedding day, Hubert's fiancé will be wearing a gorgeous matching wedding band made of 22 round cut diamonds weighing 50ct. The design of this ring is very detailed and is breathtaking and is perfect for anyone with a one of a kind style.

Hubert Burnsed


1.45CT Round Cut Diamond Bridal Set

Warning! Please wear sunglasses before looking at this ring! Deborah is never going to have a dull day wearing this bright, amazing 2 ct round cut diamonds eternity ring! It's a tiny wheel of diamonds and looks really nice in the pictures Deborah sent to PrimeStyle. This is a great gift, for any reason or any occasion. This ring has a total of 24 dazzling diamonds and they are set in 14kt yellow gold making this diamond eternity ring a piece of sunshine. Thanks Deborah for taking the time to share your pictures. Regards, PrimeStyle

Deborah Ryan


2.00CT round cut diamonds eternity ring

Presenting one of the Primestyle team's favorite rings! The 1.25CT asscher and round cut diamonds engagement ring beautifully set in 14kt yellow gold. Lonnie chose this ring to accompany his marriage proposal and sent us a picture of his fiancés hand wearing this fabulous piece of jewelry. To say this ring is breathtaking is an understatement. The 14kt yellow gold gives this ring a little bit of an extra glow to match the love of this newly engaged couple! Thanks for sharing the picture of your purchase with Primestyle, Lonnie!

Lonnie Ball


1.25CT asscher and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Stuart chose a beautiful .30 ct round cut diamond wedding band set in 14 kt white gold to complete his wife's wedding set. The ring has a raised crown which enhances the beauty of the diamonds and it is also designed to encase an engagement ring. Stuart sent us pictures that reveal how the complete set looks and how the wedding bands fit nicely around the diamond on the engagement ring. This type of wedding band would make a romantic anniversary gift or even for renewing vows or even "just because", because you shouldn't need to wait for a special day to gift or receive diamonds! At least Primestyle doesn’t think so! Thanks for sending us your pictures, Stuart!

Stuart Kemp


Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band – 0.30CT

Robert purchased a 1.30ct princess cut diamonds engagement ring set in 14kt white gold and has a total of 9 diamonds.
Of course, we don't know if Robert or his fiancé actually chose this ring, but whoever did has classy taste and knew what would look well on his fiancé’s ring finger. The center diamond weighs .45ct which is neighbored by two additional princess cut diamonds that have a total weight of .45ct. Finally, there are 3 additional diamonds on each side providing a total weight of .40ct. We absolutely love the pictures Robert sent to us and they are proof that this 1.30ct princess cut diamonds engagement ring was the perfect choice for this couple. Thanks for sharing!

Robert Marzolf


1.30CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

This ring is pure extravagence. Scott wanted something that represented the love he has for his future wife and wanted her to remember it every time she looked at her hand. He chose a beautiful, brilliant piece of jewlery.

Take a look at the 2.30CT round cut diamonds engagement ring he purchased for his fiance. The center round cut diamond is a full 1ct and is surrounded by 44 more round cut diamonds that weight a total of .90ct. These diamonds are on the front and back facing side of the band while the remaining 16 round cut diamonds are placed on the surface. The surface diamonds weight .40 and all of the diamonds Scott purchased diamonds are from the I-J in color, and VS2-SI1 in clarity class quality group. The band is set in 18kt yellow gold which adds to the wonderful brilliance of this ring. Scott also sent us a picture of him and his fiance and we just wanted to say you two make a lovely couple and we wish you years of happiness! Congratulations, from Primestyle.

Scott Lincoln


2.30CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Jonathan selected an attractive .60CT. round cut diamonds engagement ring that sparkles with a gorgeous .35ct round cut center diamond from the I-J in color, and VS2-SI1 in clarity group.
The sparkle of the diamonds continue to shine with the
16 round cut diamonds weighing 0.25CT. They belong to the same excellent quality group as the center diamond.
Together with the 14kt white gold setting, this diamond engagement ring shines with luxurious brilliance as you can see in the picture that Jonathan sent to PrimeStyle. We are grateful that Jonathan chose us to help him make the perfect choice!

Jonathan Holt


0.60CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Romance blooms from this stunning 1.65ct round cut diamond bridal set in 14kt yellow gold. William sent us a picture of this lovely set he purchased from PrimeStyle! This ring has a beautiful, classic feminine style and shines with an abundance of brilliance. The wedding band has 5 round cut diamonds weighing .65 ct and the diamond engagement ring has the same except the center round cut diamond is larger and weighs .45ct. It also had 4 round cut side stones weighing .55ct. Details were not spared as you can see that the setting has wonderful details that should receive lots of compliments. Thank you for sending us the picture, William! We hope the recipient enjoys it for years to come. Sincerely, PrimeStyle.

William Bennis


round Cut Diamond Bridal Set with A 1.65CT Total Weight

Wow! Willie sent us several pictures of his wedding and this couple is certainly in love! Primestyle is honored to be a part of their special day! This couple chose to symbolize their lifetime commitment with a beautifully crafted 2.90ct round cut diamond wedding band. The 21 round cut diamonds that make up the band are set in 14kt white gold and belong to the G-H color, VS1-VS2 clarity group. Which means this ring is of excellent quality. The wedding band matches perfectly with their diamond engagement ring and Willie's wedding band. Thanks so much for trusting us with a big purchase! And thanks for sending us those lovely pictures! Congratulations, sincerely, Primestyle.

willie gafney


2.90CT Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band

The .65 ct princess cut diamond wedding band that Robert chose is very classy and simple and speaks volumes! These 9 diamonds set within the 14kt white gold band feature G-H color and VS1- S2 clarity group quality diamonds. The white gold against the diamonds certainly creates a dazzling combination. The ring looks amazing, Robert and we are glad she loves it. Thanks for sharing with Primestyle!

Robert Schultz


Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band – 0.65CT

Chris contacted Primestyle in search of a unique ring and while Primestyle has every style to fit the dreams of many, he chose to customize a ring. Choosing 14kt white gold as the precious metal, he selected a cushion cut blue sapphire weighing 1.25ct as the center gem. The side and band diamonds weigh a total of .40ct and belong to the G-H color VS1-VS2 clarity group. When the team looked at Chris's picture he sent to us, we were all wowed at how stunning this ring looks! It's very similar to Princess Diana's engagement ring, but we must admit it’s even more glamourous! Thanks Chris for allowing us to help you create a beautiful piece of jewelry. Enjoy!

Chris Wright


1.95CT princess and round cut diamonds bridal set

Tomiwa purchased a brilliant .75 ct round cut diamond engagement ring set in timeless 14kt yellow gold. The .35 ct center diamond has 5 round cut diamonds that cascade down each side along of the band. On the opposite sides of the center diamond, there is an additional diamond which ensures this ring dazzles from all angles. We love how the 14kt yellow gold gives these ring an extra touch of class. This ring is certainly a customer favorite! We appreciate our customer’s pictures so please keep sending us pictures of your purchases! Much gratitude to Tomiwa, Primestyle.

Tomiwa Malomo


0.75CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Perfect ring, Jill! Thanks for sending us the picture of the 1.45ct round cut diamond ring! It matches beautifully with the wedding band seen in the picture. We love how the .80 ct round cut diamond really stands out and becomes the center of attention right away! This center diamond does not live alone as there are 10 more round cut diamonds weighing .65ct to add to the glimmer of this engagement ring. A remarkable choice and thanks for letting Primestyle be your trusted jewelry provider!

Jill McMahon


1.45CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

You can tell that Darlenea appreciates details and beauty. Don't take our word for it! Check out the ring she purchased from Primestyle! Who wouldn't appreciate this 1.45CT round cut diamonds engagement ring set in 14kt polished white gold. The center round cut diamond of this ring has a total weight of 1ct. The rest of the diamond weight is in the remaining 57 round cut diamonds that ensures this ring dazzles in any type of light. Love it and we know that Darlenea loves it more! Thanks for sharing, yours truly, Primestyle

Darlenea Engan


1.45CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Tamara purchased 31 diamonds with a total weight of 4.00ct and they are beautifully set in a 14kt white gold setting. Tamara sent us an awesome picture of the 4.00CT diamonds tennis bracelet in 14KT White Gold she purchased from PrimeStyle. We wonder how many compliments this stunning piece of jewelry had received! Tamara's picture she sent is much better than our website picture and this is why we love seeing our customer's photos! If you are looking for a statement piece this tennis bracelet is the perfect choice. Tamara also ensured the diamonds were of excellent quality. The 31 round cut diamonds all belong to the H/SI1-SI2 color/group/Clarity which means Tamara knows her diamonds. Congratulations on such a great purchase!

Tamara Heeney


4.00CT Diamonds Tennis Bracelet In 14KT White Gold

Show us the bling! We mean ring! Wow! Tasha sent us a picture of the emerald, princess and round cut diamond bridal set that she purchased from PrimeStyle.
It has a total of 1.85CT of diamonds and with all the different shapes of diamonds, you just can't help but notice the dazzle of this bridal set. The combination of the various shapes, the 14kt white gold and the craftsmanship looks even better on the hand that is in the pictures Tasha sent to us. Not every shape looks great on every hand, but this bridal set was a perfect choice. Very beautiful and we appreciate you sharing!

Tasha Hodges


Emerald, Princess and Round Cut Diamond Bridal Set with 1.85CT Total Weight

Douglas and his future wife chose this 18kt yellow gold 1.35 ct diamonds wedding set to symbolize their love and commitment to each other. These rings are identical to each other except, of course for the size and the quantity of diamonds. His wedding band carries 30 round cut diamonds while her ring has 26 round cut diamonds. The metal is 18kt yellow gold. Each wedding band has two lines of diamonds. This set is just perfect. Congratulations, Douglas! We hope your wedding day was perfect. Sincerely, PrimeStyle Team

Douglas Hissong


18KT Yellow Gold 1.35CT Diamonds Wedding Set

Take a look at the pretty picture that Omar sent to PrimeStyle! The picture shows how beautiful this diamond and sapphire wedding band look with this matching diamond and sapphire engagement ring. This ring has a total of .50 CT 8 round cut diamonds and are set in 14kt white gold which is the perfect metal to go with the diamond and sapphire combination. The picture reminds us of Princess Diana's diamond and sapphire engagement ring. It's definitely a royal combination. Congratulations on your wedding day! Be sure to visit PrimeStyle for some more diamond and sapphire jewelry and don't wait until your anniversary! Regards, PrimeStyle

Omar Meeks


Diamond Wedding Band – Round Cut 0.50CT

Raelene purchased a treasure. Take a look for yourself! This treasure is a 4.50ct round cut diamonds eternity ring and it’s absolutely gorgeous! The diamonds look so shiny in the pictures Raelene sent to us. This ring is a wonderful way to tell someone special that they are loved, for all eternity and this ring would probably last just as long! It has excellent craftsmanship and the diamonds are of superb quality. We really can't take our eyes off the pictures as it just makes us feel extra special that PrimeStyle is able to help our clients make excellent purchasing decisions. Seeing the final pictures makes us love what we do even more! Everyone should have a 4.50ct round cut diamonds eternity ring on their wish list or better yet, in their jewelry box! Thanks for sharing your pictures, Raelene! Enjoy!

Raelene Bray


4.50CT Round Cut Diamonds Eternity Ring

David wasn't going to be happy with just a 1CT diamond ring so he purchased a brilliant 3.40CT princess cut diamonds bridal set! Thanks for sending the pictures, David! Yes, we are a little envious of this ring. It's simply beautiful! On the engagement ring, there is a princess cut diamond weighing .55CT. The 10 princess cut side stones weigh 1.20CT. The metal is a shiny, polished 14kt white gold and definitely serves this ring well! The wedding band is the same 14kt white gold metal and has a total of 12 princess cut diamonds that have a weight of 1.65CT. PrimeStyle is glad that we met all expectations with this ring and we hope to see your name on another order in the future, David!

David Allen


Stunning Diamond Bridal Set – 3.40CT Total Weight with Princess Cut Diamonds

PrimeStyle thinks we should vote and change the name of this ring to the "hugs and kisses" ring! This ring, purchased by Peter, is a 1.50CT round and princess cut diamonds eternity band and the square and round shapes remind us of little x's and o's - like hugs and kisses. The picture of this ring on the lovely recipient's hand is beautiful! This ring has a total of 18 diamonds. 9 are round cut and 9 are square cut and they are securely embedded into the 14kt yellow gold band. There are many ways to describe this ring, but the simplest would be to say that it is a piece of art. We are so happy with Peter's purchase and hope this ring always reminds his loved one that she will always have hugs and kisses (and beautiful diamonds) in her life forever. All our best, PrimeStyle

Peter Wait


1.50CT Round and Princess Cut Diamonds Eternity Band

Andrew purchased a 14KT white gold 0.95CT round cut diamonds journey pendant as a very special gift for someone extra special. There are 5 stunning diamonds in this pendant with the smallest one weighing .5ct. Each diamond graduates to a larger size as it cascades down the unique zig zag design. The final and fifth diamond weighs .35ct. The zig zag design of this pendant represents life's journey which is full of love, adventure and many twists and turns. Andrew found the perfect piece of jewelry which represents all of this. The pictures are beautiful, Andrew and thanks for sharing them! Regards, PrimeStyle

Andrew Gee


14KT White Gold 0.95CT Diamonds (VS2-SI1 Clarity) Diamond Journey Pendant.

Marion has unique, exquisite taste and it shows in this 2 CT princess cut diamond eternity ring she purchased from PrimeStyle. PrimeStyle definitely has a range of styles to choose from and this ring definitely stands out among a sea of many styles. This ring is full of princess cut diamonds that weigh a full 2 carats and the craftsmanship is certainly special. Each diamond is connected by their corners and the setting is made of 14kt white gold. It’s a unique design and looks much more amazing worn than in the PrimeStyle pictures! This is why we love when our customers send us their pictures because we can see how beautiful they really are. Of course, we can put diamonds on our hands all day and look and admire them but we would never want to take them off! We hope Marion never takes this ring off because it looks amazing! And perhaps she should fill up the other fingers with more spectacular gems? Thanks for sharing Marion! From our hands to yours, PrimeStyle.

marion walker


2.00CT princess cut diamonds eternity ring

Cara deserves a standing ovation for purchasing this 1.25CT round cut diamonds engagement ring. We love how round cut diamonds appear together and so does Cara! The center round cut diamond weighs .35ct and belongs to the G-H in color and VS1-VS2 in clarity group. The additional 6 side stones are also round cut and weigh .90ct and belong to the same quality group. Which is excellent, just like Cara's taste in jewelry! We can't take our eyes of the pictures that Cara sent to us and we hope that whoever wears this ring, can't either! This ring is definitely an eye (and heart) pleaser. Thanks for sharing, Cara and congratulations! Your trusted team at PrimeStyle

Cara Bennett


1.25CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Jenelle is going to turn a lot of heads with her PrimeStyle purchases! First, let's start with the 1.25 ct princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring which is certainly a ring that demands attention. Set in 14kt white gold, the main center diamond weighs a full 1ct and has 14 round cut diamonds on each side. The extravagance doesn't end at the diamond engagement ring. She also purchased a .60ct round cut diamonds men's wedding band along with a beautiful .60ct round cut diamonds wedding band. Stunning jewelry! Thanks, Jenelle for trusting PrimeStyle to meet your jewelry wants and we hope to see more pictures from you in the future!

Jenelle Turner


Love. Love. Love. We love this that Nicola purchased. It is a .49ct princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring that is simple and sparkles like a star. The center .35ct princess cut diamond is I-J in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity which is why this ring sparkles so much! The center diamonds is surrounded by 24 round cut diamonds weighing .14ct. We love the square shape of the setting and the brilliance of the 14kt white gold. This ring is great, not just for marriage proposals but for any occasion or simply "just because". It was certainly a nice gift to see the picture Nicola sent us! Thanks and we hope you enjoy your PrimeStyle purchase for many years.

nicola pottinger


0.49CT princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Rona purchased a 1.25CT princess cut diamond engagement ring with a center diamond weighing .80 carats. However, one diamond wasn't enough! There are 36 round cut diamonds weighing a total of .45 carats and the diamonds are surrounded by beautiful 14kt yellow gold.
This diamond ring is definitely for diamond lovers. There is no shortage of glamour in this beautiful piece of jewelry. Rona sent us picture that is more amazing that our own Primestyle pictures! We love it and it shows the details of this ring very well. Thanks, Rona! We are glad this ring is the ring of your dreams as we know it's definitely a ring made of diamond dreams! Sincerely, PrimeStyle

rona schwartz


1.25CT princess and round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

The PrimeStyle team sees various jewelry pieces all day long, because of course, we are jewelers!! We always get excited when we our clients send us a picture of them wearing their PrimeStyle purchases because it’s like we are seeing the jewelry for the first time. Shonna sent us several pictures of a 2.55 ct round cut diamonds bridal set engagement ring and of course we all gasped a little when we saw how amazing it looks and of course, you can't miss the brilliance! The diamonds all belong to the I-J in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity group so they are of spectacular quality. The 14kt white gold setting is perfect for diamonds because it gives them the extra sparkle, not that these diamonds are lacking! The wedding band and engagement ring are an amazing pair. Thanks Shonna, for sending us the pictures! They are all awesome! All our best, PrimeStyle

Shonna Whiteshield


Spectacular 2.55CT Round Cut Diamond Bridal Set

Leann knows taste and what extravagance looks like. Leann purchased one of the PrimeStyle team's favorite diamond bridal set. This 1.25 ct diamond bridal set allows the purchaser to choose the shape and weight of the center diamond. Leanne chose a round cut diamond to live in the center and of the engagement ring. However, the center diamond doesn't live alone! Surrounding it are an additional 4 round cut diamonds weighing a total carat weight of .60. The wedding band has a total of 5 round cut diamonds weighing .65ct and all are set in 14kt white gold. The beauty of the set doesn't stop at the diamonds. Special attention was given to the bands themselves and you can see that the bands appear to have a flowing design. This is a perfect set for a woman who likes a little bit of a modern design, but wants a touch of class, also. Excellent choice, Leann and thanks for sending us the pictures! - PrimeStyle

Leann Stiles


Engagement Ring and Wedding Band – 1.25CT Diamond Bridal Set

This ring is gleaming! Thanks, Erin for sending us the picture of the 1.00 ct round cut diamond bridal set. This bridal set is going to make someone very happy! For the engagement ring, the center stone is .35 ct with I-J in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity. The rest of the diamonds, a total of 36 of them are round cut and of the same great quality as the center stone. And now presenting the wedding band! There are 22 round cut diamonds on this beautiful band and total weight of the diamonds are .25ct. The craftsmanship is excellent and intricate making this an excellent choice! Thanks, again Erin!! We hope you are pleased with your purchase! Best regards, PrimeStyle

Erin Cook


1.00CT round cut diamonds bridal set

Congratulations, Ricky! This ring is amazing! There are 18 round cut diamonds embedded in the 14kt white gold band and the setting of the .55 ct center diamond is placed directly above the diamonds which makes this ring rather unique. So not only do you see the center diamond, but look closer and you can see the smaller diamonds right underneath! The total diamond weight is .80ct and the dazzle of the diamonds against the 14kt white gold and your fiancé’s hands looks like a perfect match! Congratulations! And thanks for taking a few moments to send us the great picture! From, your PrimeStyle Team

Ricky Justus


0.80CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

There are so many ways to describe this ring! Sophisticated, gorgeous, alluring. We'll begin with telling you that Bill chose a 1.30CT princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring to accompany his marriage proposal! The center diamond is a princess cut that weighs .55ct and it's surrounded by 14 princess cut diamonds weighing a total of .60ct and an additional 6 side stones that are round cut and weigh .15ct. There is so much detail in this ring that it's stunning from every angle! This is definitely a ring that will get a lot of attention! Thanks for sending us the picture of your fiancé wearing her new diamond ring from PrimeStyle! Congrats to you both! Sincerely, PrimeStyle

Bill Evans


1.30CT princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring

PrimeStyle has so many great pieces of jewelry that we can understand why it's so hard to choose that perfect piece! By the looks of the pictures Sylvia sent, she was able to find the perfect ring she was dreaming of! Sylvia chose a men's 14kt gold wedding band with 9 round cut diamonds that have a total carat diamond weight of .80. The diamonds are embedded into the band so the diamonds are nicely "framed" in 14kt gold. Thank you Sylvia for sending both pictures! Looks great in the jewelry box, but also looks very perfect on the hand of the lucky person who gets to wear this ring! We are glad you are happy with your purchase and we’re always glad to help you choose that next great piece! Sincerely, PrimeStyle team!

Sylvia McKnight


0.80CT Round Cut Diamonds Men's Wedding Band

Robert chose a remarkable, stylish 2.40CT round and princess cut diamond bridal set to symbolize his love and commitment to his wife. This treasure is set in 18kt white gold, the center diamond is a round cut diamond weighing 0.45CT and is of great quality along with all the other diamonds in the engagement and wedding ring. The remaining diamonds are princess cut. We love how the diamonds are set differently into the band. The smallest diamonds are embedded, while others are slightly higher with the center diamond set the most high. The craftsmanship is excellent and this set definitely glows with detail and romance! Robert also sent us a picture and you can see for yourself how beautiful this bridal set looks when worn. Robert, thank you! Many wishes to you and your wife and thank you for purchasing from PrimeStyle! Sincerely, PrimeStyle

Robert Villiger


Stunning 2.40CT Round and Princess Cut Diamond Bridal Set

Aage purchased what every woman wants. A pair of diamond earrings. Many woman purchase diamond earrings either for themselves or as a gift because they are just the perfect piece of jewelry that fits with just about anyone's personal style and are appropriate for any age range. They are a beautiful, timeless way to say "I love you" or even "I am proud of you." Aage purchased a pair of .80ct round cut diamond stud earrings in 18kt white gold. We love the picture she sent to us, also! The earrings are a perfect size for the person wearing them. Aage chose well. Thanks for sending us the lovely picture and we are glad PrimeStyle could make your life or someone's life a little more sparkly! Regards, PrimeStyle

Aage Winther


0.80CT Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings In 18KT White Gold Setting

Jack gets the "man who has the best taste" award for the century! He sent us two stunning pictures of his recent purchase of a 11.50 carat princess cut diamond tennis bracelet that will forever live in a 14kt white gold setting and on a lucky woman's wrist. The quality of the diamonds were well chosen, also. They belong to the I-J/VS2-SI1 color/clarity group so no expense was spared on ensuring this tennis bracelet only flaunts superb quality diamonds. Who wouldn't love a bracelet like this? It's smashing. Jack, thanks for sending us the pictures and we hope the recipient treasures this piece for a lifetime. All our best to you and yours, PrimeStyle

Jack Bankier


Princess Cut 11.50CT Diamonds Tennis Bracelet In 14KT

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