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Are you looking to get a unique wedding ring sets for him and her? or perhaps you prefer simple cheap set of wedding rings that is of great quality and exquisite?

Yeah… some brides want just simple wedding band, some want unique wedding set with lots of enhancement. What determines the choice of most men is the type of wedding ring for her

Whatever your preference is, we’ve got you covered.

A wedding ring is a timeless, once-in-a-lifetime purchase.  You want it to be perfect.  You deserve to have it perfect.

Although you can get stunning wedding rings at Primestyle.com for incredible prices, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality to do it.  A marriage takes two hearts and makes them beat as one.  That’s why you and the love of your life have chosen the symbolism that comes with a pair of unique matching wedding bands.  That’s why our commitment is to help you find not just a beautiful wedding band at affordable price, but to find your beautiful wedding band.

It’s simple, really.  Wedding rings encapsulate a love that is unique to your relationship.  You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a piece of jewelry that brings that relationship to life in a way that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.  This sampling of some of the different styles you can find on Primestyle.com will show you that we have the perfect design to match your love:

1. 0.35CT Wedding Ring Set

 Cheap wedding ring sets for him and her

This elegant and playful design features a 0.35CT total weight across the pair.  The men’s diamond weighs 0.20CT and the woman’s weighs 0.15CT.  The ring itself comes in 14KT Yellow or White Gold, 18KT Yellow or White Gold, and Platinum.

The beauty of this unique wedding ring set can only be experienced when seen physically.

2. 0.45CT Wedding Ring Set

Cheap wedding ring sets for him and her

This sleek, simple wedding band set features a 0.45CT total weight of round-cut diamonds.  Four diamonds are in each ring – 0.30CT in the man’s and 0.15CT in the woman’s – for a total of eight diamonds between the two.  It is available with a 14KT Yellow Gold ring.

3. 0.65CT Wedding Ring Set


If you are not a fan of white gold wedding ring wait till you wield this beautiful ring

It is beautiful set of simple, circular wedding bands featuring six princess cut diamonds in total.  The men’s ring has three diamonds with a 0.40CT total weight, while the women’s ring has three diamonds with a 0.25CT total weight.  The ring itself is made of 14CT White Gold.

4. 0.90CT Wedding Ring Set


This is one unique wedding band set for him and her that I love personally

Each of these matching rings has an incredible thirteen diamond set into the ring band itself.  The wavy pattern of the diamonds is fun and interesting while still being luxuriously simple. The twenty-six round cut diamonds are divided between the two so that 0.60CT are in the men’s ring and 0.30CT are in the women’s ring.

5. 1.00CT Wedding Ring Set


Each of the wedding bands in this spectacular set features nine round-cut diamonds for an incredible 1.00CT total weight between them with a Yellow Gold band.

Making it a very suitable wedding band especially for the diamond lovers.


With the incredible selection at PrimeStyle.com, you are sure to find the matching his and her wedding ring set that will personify the unique love that makes your marriage special.

Furthermore, we can also customize your wedding band if that’s what you desire.

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