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Dec 15

Your husband doesn’t wear wedding ring. Should you be worried? The question of the year (and on most minds) is [drum roll, please!], why do some husbands not wear a wedding ring? Are there really good excuses as to why … Continue reading

Sep 11

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments in a man and woman’s life. It is the ceremony where God blesses the couple, granting the promise of a love and companionship forever. Weddings are not just shared by the couple … Continue reading

Apr 11

Men’s Wedding Rings

By PrimeStyle.Com

A wedding ring is a symbol of love between two people that represents the sanctity of loyalty to one another. This ring will be with you throughout your lifetime. So choose wisely! Choosing a men’s wedding ring may seem simple … Continue reading

Mar 11

So the engagement is over and now wedding preparations are in full command. There is just so much planning to do before the big day: flowers, venue, wedding dresses, invitations, reception and food. Let’s not forget the wedding rings! This … Continue reading