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Acquiring a unique diamond journey necklace with pendant from a loved one is one of the most beautiful reminder  that you are always thought of.

Despite being a relative newcomers to the world of jewelry, the Journey pendant has fast become a highly popular piece. They’re a singularly beautiful design, modern, fashionable and highly desirable and if you’ve something to share, to honor,  then the Journey pendant is a natural choice.

The Meaning Of A Journey Pendant

Simply put, they’re a reflection of a journey, be it one that’s already been undertaken, one about to begin or even one that’s reached the end of its path. They’re often bought by young couples, as a physical sign of their commitment to each other, a symbol of their growing love and the life they’re hoping to share with each other.

An older, more established couple can purchase one of these pendants to represent the life they’ve lived (together) so far – the milestones, the triumphs, the tragedies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about something to come or something that’s already in the past, the point of a Journey pendant is the sentiment, the expression of something shared or to be shared between two people.

When you remember the old adage ‘life is a journey’, you will understand the premise behind these pendants. The saying couldn’t be more apt, more fitting, and what better way to demonstrate it than with a beautiful piece of jewelry that perfect matches the sentiment?

As with any type of jewelry, Journey pendants come in several variants of the base design – that being a collection of stones that represent various successes and triumphs encountered by a couple, or those that a newly established couple expect to encounter.

Usually set as a five or seven stone combination, the pendants can be styled in the following designs:

the ladder
the drop
an ‘S’
a circle
a heart
a spiral

All of the above are represent a different type of shared journey, which further personalizes each pendant according to the needs and wishes of the purchaser.

Originally they were designed to showcase a total of seven stones, and the gemstones themselves could be pearls, semi-precious or diamonds. Of course the most highly prized (now) are those set with diamonds, if for no other reason than their obvious relation to both strength and beauty.

Since the inception of the design back in 2006, Journey pendants have gone on to gain a firm foothold in the jewelry market, and they’re now bought as much to represent the journey of life as they are the sharing of the journey between two people. In essence the pendant has now undergone its own journey, making it even more special – as well as connected to the reasons for owning one in the first place.

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  1. Zachary Tomlinson says:

    I appreciate your points on how pendants are usually symbolic. I think that it’s important to emphasize that meaning when you give a pendant as a gift. I’m thinking about getting a silver sea life pendant for my wife.

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