Oct 15

PrimeStyle.Com PolyvorePolyvore!

Are you unsure about what your style is or just bad at putting clothes or home décor together? Maybe unsure on how to coordinate jewelry pieces or you are in search of an amazing new piece of jewelry? Polyvore jewelry might be your new best friend!

Polyvore, owned by Yahoo, is a social sharing site for fashion, beauty and home décor “one stop” new way to shop and discover the latest trends. You can create looks, get styling tips and search for anything fashion, beauty and home décor related.

Trendsetters, stylists and anyone else can create different “sets” or “collections” of images from different on-line stores and share these with other Polyvore community members! The best part is that each product is linked to the store so you know exactly where to purchase it!

Of course, being the trendsetters that Primestyle jewelers are, we had to check this site out for ourselves.  We found that it is super easy to use. You can create your own sets by using their collage template (which reminds me of making a scrapbook)! You can choose from various clothing, beauty and jewelry items. Create your outfit, complete with accessories and publish!

We have lots of favorites and to give you an idea of how “fashion savvy” we are, check out some of our favorite Polyvore jewelry and fashion sets!

Of course, the number 1 favorite is going to be one of our very own sets.  Take a look at this Polyvore jewelry set created by our Primestyle team titled, “bridal set collection”.

By the way, you can find all of Primestyle’s sets by checking out our Polyvore site.


#1 Favorite



We just created this set 30 days ago and already have 380 “hearts”. By the way, you can pin or share any of these sets and what’s also nice is that you can see comments left by others. Click on any one of the rings and it will show you details and where you can purchase. It’s nice to see the rings together because it helps you to compare. My personal favorite is the bottom, middle 1.35 CT princess and round cut diamond set!


And while looking for our next favorite, we saw that Polyvore had picked one of Primestyle’s fashion sets as a “Top Fashion Set for October 1”. So, technically, while not a Polyvore jewelry set – we can’t resist sharing the “Patchwork Denim” set that does, of course, features Primestyle jewelry!

#2 Favorite


Who says you have to be all dressed up to wear diamond jewelry? This outfit is perfect and features some gorgeous pieces of jewelry such as the 1.00CT diamond and sapphire bracelet in 14kt white gold! The sapphires look awesome with the denim and definitely stands out among the black shoes and purse.


#3 Favorite

And yes, maybe we at Primestyle are a little biased, so our #3 set will be one of ours! If you’re not feeling blue and maybe prefer pink, check out this cute, pink ensemble!

The “I wear pink for” outfit is for Breast Cancer Awareness month celebrated in the month of October. Wow, look at that dress! And whoever wears that dress has to adorn their neckline with that diamond solitaire pendant! But it doesn’t stop there! Why have just the pendant when you can have the bracelet, the earrings, the shoes, the purse…

So maybe you like pink, but not the shocking, fuchsia pink? How about a subtle peachy, pink? The ballots are in for our next favorite, taking the #4 spot, is a product Polyvore jewelry set from Pearls of Joy.

#4 Favorite


Pearls are another elegant jewelry item that will just never go out of style!

And you know what else will never go out of style? The 70’s!! Last, but not least and in the #5 spot is another fashion set from yours truly, Primestyle…


#5 Favorite



And you thought Primestyle only knew about jewelry? Nope and thankfully, Polyvore gives us a chance to show off our fashion sense. Who doesn’t love the 70’s? Such funky, cool style.

We just love Polyvore. Can you tell? There’s so much to share about this site, so check it out yourself at www.polyvore.com and while you are putting your own sets together to share with you friends, be sure to give us some “hearts” by taking a look at our Polyvore jewelry and fashion sets at Primestylecom!


Happy shopping and sharing!




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Sep 15

They say love is blind, but what if your finances can see your budget clearly? Most couples are so wrapped up in the thought of getting engaged that they fail to see past the proposal.

What about purchasing their first house and all other expenses that will occur in the days to come? How about the wedding itself? Most couples nowadays are not fortunate enough to have an expense free wedding or perhaps you and/or your prospective fiancé prefer to be as debt-free as possible.

Whatever the reasons, there is no reason to break the bank when buying an engagement ring. So what does one look for when buying an engagement ring?

Let’s start with the basics.


Assuming that she has NO idea of your plans, you need to know her jewelry style.

If you don’t, observe. Is she extravagant or flashy? Or does she prefer a classic or simple style? Is there more silver or gold? Take a peek into her jewelry box to get an idea.

This is a good time to take note of her size. You probably can’t tell just by looking at her rings, so I would suggest reading the information here.

Still unsure about her style? Ask a friend, sister or even her parents.

Also, listen. Listening is also a key ingredient to a successful marriage! Has she commented on someone’s ring recently? Even if it was a comment on a celebrity’s ring, take note! This may give you insight as to her style.

And since I mentioned size earlier. Size does matter.

If she prefers a classic or simple style, this doesn’t necessarily mean buy a small diamond.

Same applies if she is flashy – this doesn’t mean you should buy big. You should definitely take into consideration her hand size as well as the quality of the diamond itself.

Now would be a good time to discuss the 4 C’s.

Color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Color – the lack of color the better.

Clarity is the absence of inclusions and flaws. Cut is not the shape, but the facets in a diamond that make it sparkle. And finally, carat weight. You guessed it…this is how much the carat weighs.

I would suggest educating yourself about shape, cut, clarity and color by reading this info.

Now that we have some basics out of the way, you may also want to keep in mind that you should keep probably explore purchasing the wedding bands with the engagement ring. After all, you do plan in actually getting married. So what’s next?

Shopping, of course!

Here are my top 5 favorite least expensive diamond engagement rings that fall within a $500 – $1000 budget.

1 – Diamond Solitaire Cut simple, elegant and only $523.99

0.40CT Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring – This diamond solitaire is what I consider a classic, timeless beauty. What’s great is this is the style of ring I can see passed down generation to generation. My grandmother wore a similar ring for over 55 years! This is an heirloom beauty.

2. Looking for a little more bling in your ring? Check this one out: 0.95CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring with a total of 1 round cut diamond and 36 side diamonds for $714.99. Add even more bling to this engagement ring by purchasing the matching wedding band.

3. Check out this amazing 1.15CT Emerald and Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring for $873.99.  Did you know that the emerald cut is meant to draw the eye inward and usually contains 57 facets? In my opinion, this ring can still be considered “classic” yet could appeal to the more flashy types as well.

amazing 1.15CT Emerald and Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring for $873.99

4. Slightly larger ring and only a tiny bit more in price, 1.20CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring for $865.99 in yellow gold. The round-cut diamonds are beautiful and the setting makes it “pop”.  You can also purchase the matching wedding band and still fall below a total of $2000.00.

1.20CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring for $865.99 in yellow gold

5. Think she might prefer princess cut in white gold? Here is a 1.05CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring for $895.99. I love the details and the setting on this ring.

I do…believe you can find the perfect ring for her. Of course, these are just my favorites and maybe you have a bigger budget or different styles in mind?

If so, check out the amazing selection engagement rings at Primestyles’s Clearance Section where you can select by budget range, shape, metal and carat range.

So we hope you found our top 5 Least Expensive Engagement Rings blog post interesting and helping… off course you can share your thoughts or anything on the comments section below.

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Jul 14

It seems everyone has their own opinion of what the best exotic wedding destinations are.  So we’ve compiled our “best of the best” posts on wedding destination hot spots.  From Google and Yahoo search rankings to The Huffington Post, here are what the industry experts have to say about the top 10 wedding locations.

Destinations From Google Searches

wedding destination

Photo courtesy Phaitoon, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Fodor’s Travel[1] has used Google’s annual Zeitgeist report, “”which curates a variety of top 10 lists for popular searches” to compile their list of the most searched for destination wedding spots globally.  Their post World’s Best Places For a Destination Wedding has good descriptions, a slide show, and links to resorts as well as their own travel guides.

Small surprise that destination spots in the Caribbean are popular, as “the Caribbean” ranks fourth in Google’s searches.   Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Italy, Las Vegas, Disney World in Florida, Costa Rica and Kauai, also made it on their list.

Suggestions from the Huffington Post

This article from The Huffington Post has created a list of resorts for a stress free celebration.   Their guide to “10 popular wedding destination resorts in sought after locations that offer wedding packages and planning services for large and small events”[2] features a great slide show with a good description of the resorts and links to each website.

In the U.S., they cover Martha’s Vineyard, The Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, Key West in Florida and Maui.  Included are resorts in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Vallarta, and Sorrento (Italy).

Most Searched Wedding Destinations on Yahoo

Yahoo Travel [3] posted an article in June/14 and compiled this list of the most sought after wedding destination spots on Yahoo.  The post has some links for popular resorts in the area and some good resources in helpful links to the names and websites of local wedding planners.

These are Yahoo’s most searched for wedding destinations in 2014:

Hawaii, Bahamas, Anguilla, Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, the Florida Keys, Las Vegas, the Outer Banks, N. Carolina, Los Cabos in Mexico, and Costa Rica.

The Travel Channel’s Best Wedding Destination Hotels

The Travel Channel also has a best of list for wedding destination hotels. Click on the link for the name of the resort and you’ll get a summary of reviews for the resorts with an informative “pro and con” comparison sheet by Oyster.com, the hotel tell-all company.

Here are the locations they cover:

Negril and Montego Bay in Jamaica, three resorts on Oahu, Punta Cana and Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, Miami, Maui, and Caneel Bay in the Virgin Islands.

Destinationweddingmag.com Recommends These 16 All Inclusives

destinationweddingmag.com[4] has a listing of the best 16 all inclusive resortsWith a slide show and brief resort descriptions plus links to the all inclusive resorts for wedding package and price information.

They cover destinations such as:  Cancun (3 resorts), the Bahamas, Montego Bay in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, St. Croix, 3 along the  Mayan Riviera, Antigua, Fiji, Belize, Chile, and St. Lucia.

One thing’s for certain, each of these wedding destination spots have a lot of romance in common.  Is it any wonder they’re so popular?

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Jun 14

The secret to humor is surprise.– Aristotle

What greater gift is there than the gift of laughter?  If you’re thinking of making a proposal, one that will bring peals of laughter and delight, then check out some of these funny wedding proposals.  They’re sure to bring a smile, and maybe even a bit of inspiration!

Don’t Try This at Home!

This guy thought that scaring his soon to be finance would by funny; I’m not so sure she agreed.  He’s lucky she didn’t kill him for scaring her so badly!  Funny?  You decide!


The Old Shell Trick

Here’s a new twist on the old shell trick.  She didn’t find a pea under the shell, but she did get engaged!  Her laughter’s infectious; you can’t help but giggle along with her.


People Are Looking

Now, you have to be a little bit careful if you’re planning to pop the question in public… this man’s girlfriend wasn’t thrilled with the idea because “people were looking”.  She declines his proposal by whacking him over the head with a ukulele!


Some Good Friends and a Little Imagination

In this video, Isaac Lamb’s proposal sets the bar really high.  It’s the first full length, lip dub proposal to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” and it’s become a classic.  It just goes to show, you don’t need a lot of money – just some good friends, a little imagination and a whole bunch of sincerity.


The Mad Scientist

This video falls into the “wacky, mad scientist” genre!  He didn’t put a lot of money into his proposal, but he did put in a lot of heart, soul, and passion.  She’s not really happy about being woken up, but changes her mind quickly when she sees what up.


Waiting… and Waiting… and Waiting

This Aussie has a world of patience… which is a good thing in a marriage!  He waits, and waits, and waits to get his girlfriend’s attention.  It looks like they’re both pretty happy when she finally does notice him.


We Need Smelling Salts!

Anything can happen when you propose marriage.  This poor woman faints dead away the moment she hears the words “Will you marry me?”  Happily, she seemed to recover enough to say “yes”!


The Happiest Place in the World

What better location to propose than Disneyland, “the happiest place in the world”?  A lot of time and creativity went into this proposal, and it’s a memorable one!


Some of these men went to great lengths to stage their question; others went for the simple, straightforward approach.  But they all did it with heartfelt sincerity and love.  One thing’s for sure – they created memories that will be shared and laughed over, again and again!  And judging from the comments with some of these videos, there’s a lot of women who appreciate a little imagination and creativity – along with an engagement ring!

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Jun 14


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