Dec 15

Your husband doesn’t wear wedding ring. Should you be worried?

The question of the year (and on most minds) is [drum roll, please!], why do some husbands not wear a wedding ring? Are there really good excuses as to why some married men don’t wear wedding rings? Or is it usually by choice? After all, there is no shortage of in various styles available so it’s not as if they don’t exist.

husband doesn't wear wedding ring

Ah, but you did exchange rings when you exchanged vows, but his ring finger is naked! That pretty, shiny ring that should symbolize your marriage commitment is sitting in the jewelry box and not on your husband’s hand. Your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring because he chose not. Do you know the reason or does it really matter to you?

Maybe the question really should be, “Why is it perfectly acceptable for a married man to not wear a wedding ring?” In order to answer that question would mean that we would probably need to take a deeper look at our culture and reference a whole bunch of psychological references and that would be really boring. Besides, PrimeStyle manufacturers jewelry, what would we know about any of that!?

So before we go down a dark, educational path, we will jump back to the original topic. Your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring so let’s see if we can offer reasons as to why.

Like we mentioned, in order to avoid a boring blog, PrimeStyle isn’t going to conduct a scientific survey or anything to find the answer. Instead we spent a few hours of classic brain storming and another hour or so of simply asking (this includes a 2 minute conversation with Grandpa who actually does wearing a wedding ring so he wasn’t much help), we came up with a pretty solid list of 7 really good excuses as to why some married men don’t wear wedding rings. We didn’t stop there! We are adding our two cents, of course!

7 Good Excuses as to Why Some Married Men Don’t Wear Wedding Rings

#1 – “I spent so much money on the engagement ring, I couldn’t afford a wedding band!”

Well, geez. Can’t really argue with this one. Diamond engagement rings and can be expensive so this is a really good explanation that seems plausible. Although this person probably didn’t read our PrimeStyle blog, “”. Or maybe his Bride-to-Be insisted on the most expensive diamond engagement ring….ever.  However, when you factor in the cost of a ring and insurance, it can cost a tad more than expected.

#2“I don’t really like jewelry.”

Face it. Most men don’t like jewelry. Some men say their hands are just too big and a ring just doesn’t look right.

Sometimes you can see them fidget with their new ring or possibly they are just oversensitive to the ring if they have never worn one before.

Not everyone likes to wear jewelry and perhaps rings were exchanged at the wedding, but after trying to wearing it for a while, it just didn’t quite feel comfortable.

If it’s really because the ring is not comfortable, PrimeStyle suggests that you check the sizing of your ring and see if it needs to be adjusted. A better fit may be an option.

#3 – “Wearing jewelry makes me feel like a used-car salesman.”

Whoa! Watch the stereotypes! A fairly good excuse that sort of goes with number 3. We’re not really sure how else to respond to this other than saying to keep searching! Surely the perfect ring is out there that is simple. Most wedding rings are plain bands and not full of flash and bling, which is was is usually associated with the “used-car salesman” stereotype.

#4 – “It’s not really part of my culture.”

We promised that we would not dive into a cultural or traditional discussion. So we won’t! Not every culture expects a man to wear a wedding ring so this makes sense.

#5 – “I have a “honey-do” list so long, that it I might as well not wear it because it just gets in the way.”

This one is similar to another excuse: “My job doesn’t allow me to wear jewelry.”

Common items on a “honey-do” list might contain chores such as: clean out the garage, wash the car, mow the yard and build a book case….sound familiar? It’s probably not a good idea to wear a wedding ring while doing these activities. Let’s also consider their occupation which may prohibit someone from wearing jewelry.

Did you know that the military doesn’t allow their members to wear wedding rings while on duty? There are many occupations that prohibit their employees from wearing rings or any other kind of jewelry.

Your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring, because his job doesn’t allow him to. So he probably just decide to not wear it all. After all, he does have his list of chores to attack when he is home, right? We get it. Safety (and “honey-do” list) first!

#6 – “I’m allergic.”

To what? The ring or the marriage? Oh, the metal in the ring, you say! Got it.

Another good excuse, although some of us tried this “excuse” when it came to homework. Although rare, more and more people are developing allergic reactions to metals that contain small traces of nickel. Maybe it’s really not an allergy, but the skin is becoming irritated by the water and soap that gets trapped under the ring? In both situations, it causes a red, unpleasant, itchy rash around the finger.

#7 – “Prince William decided not to wear a ring, so why should I?”

This isn’t necessarily a list with a number one spot, but if it were, this would take the top #1 spot! Ladies, you did marry your Prince Charming, didn’t you?

Well. This concludes our list as to why your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring. Although we have about ten more excuses to share so it sounds like there might be a follow up blog in the future! Whatever the reason, excuse, explanation is – whether you wear a ring or not doesn’t – a lack of a ring doesn’t negate the love and respect you have for one another. Right?? We had a lot of fun with this blog and we would love to hear your excuses or excuses you might have heard! Please share them with PrimeStyle and we’ll see if we can address them in a future blog!

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Nov 15

What are the top 5 jewelry anniversary gifts for women over 50 years old? Women in their fifties are fabulous! This is an amazing time in their life. Their previous years have been spent on raising children, establishing careers or maintaining a household are all coming to fruition. Focus is probably shifting onto her own things such as hobbies and possibly exploring new careers. The fifties are a beautiful time in a woman’s life and now you want to give this wonderful woman a beautiful jewelry anniversary gift, so what do you choose for such a fabulous woman?

Here is a great list of the top 5 jewelry anniversary gifts for women over 50 years old that will help you get started.

Number 1 jewelry gift for women over 50 years old – a locket!


Our number 1 PrimeStyle staff pick would be a locket. Monica Rich Kossan has a beautiful selection of lockets ranging from $200 to a few thousand dollars. Explore Monica’s collection to see all the different styles. Some are simple and some are very elaborate in design so we are sure you will find the perfect locket! Don’t forget to find her favorite picture and if you can’t find just one, there are lockets that allow for more than one photo. We love this gift because it’s a way of carrying her loved ones close to her heart and its jewelry!

Number 2 Jewelry Anniversary Gifts for Women – diamond earrings!

diamond earrings

Now that the kids are out of the house and there is more time for you and your wife, it’s time to have some fun by having some romantic, classy dinners and maybe a ballet? It’s time to dress up and enjoy! Diamond earrings are perfect for an anniversary, but be sure to make some great dinner plans and maybe a show after? Think ballet, opera, and symphony. Make sure you give her a reason to want to dress up and show off her new earrings. This pair of .60 CT princess cut diamond earrings are perfect diamond earrings that aren’t too heavy, but aren’t simple studs either. Perfect for this kind of date and special woman.

 Number 3 jewelry gift for women over 50 years old – A Diamond Watch

diamond horse

Nowadays, people are glancing at their smartphones for the time, but why not look at something more beautiful like a watch? Woman over fifty are classy and sophicasted and they know that watches will never go out of style no matter how fancy a smart phone becomes. Watches are a timeless piece (no pun intended).

Watches are still “in” and seem to have faded into the background as a popular gift, yet they’re so amazing! And while some may not consider watches as jewelry, wait until you check out these gorgeous stainless steel watches made by Gucci. We like Gucci’s Diamond Horsebit bracelet watch. Did we mention diamonds? Yes, we did so trust us, she’ll love it!

Number 4 jewelry gift for women over 50 years old – A Tennis Bracelet

diamond tennis

A list of top 5 jewelry anniversary gifts for women over 50 years old would not be complete with listing a 1.5 CT round cut diamond tennis bracelet, from PrimeStyle, of course! The metal is 14kt gold, which is a classic color and chances are this will match your wife’s wedding ring beautifully. We like this tennis bracelet because it’s dainty and simple, but if you want a tennis bracelet with a bit more sparkle, PrimeStyle offers a range of diamond tennis bracelets. Why not get the tennis bracelet and the three stone earrings? Any woman of any age would love those two as a gift!

Number 5 jewelry gift for women over 50 years old – Interlinked Rings


PrimeStyle agreed that no list would be complete without listing at least one ring, but not just any ring, but an 18kt rose gold and sterling silver interlinked rings by designer Inez and Vinoodh.  This ring would fit well into any women’s style regardless of age, but we know that women over fifty are starting to leave their career clothes in the closet and starting to dress, let’s say….a little more comfortably. This interlinked ring is simple enough for jeans, yet classy enough for an anniversary date. And you may not know this, but the designers, Inez and Vinoodh are a husband and wife team! Buy it. You definitely can’t go wrong!

Maybe you don’t like the exact gifts we suggest, but hopefully we helped you get on the right start. Do you have some options that we haven’t thought of? Please, please share with us! Hearing from our readers helps us to create better blogs and better gift ideas! We also love seeing pictures so send us a pic of your anniversary night or use #primestylecom on your Instagram pics and share!

Happy Anniversary from PrimeStyle!

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Nov 15
how to save money on engagement ring

Image by: Victor Oliveira

You’re in love. You have found the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with and you want to ask for marriage with waiting in the little jewelry box. She says “yes” and she opens the box and is blinded by the ring’s beauty and symbol of everlasting commitment.

Ok so we are getting a tad bit dramatic, but being in love can sometimes cause us to make some pretty dramatic choices, but depleting your bank account should not be one of them.

So how do you save money when buying an engagement ring other than the obvious tips? Tips that guide you to opt for a smaller diamond, (cut, clarity, color and carat), choose white gold instead of platinum and buying the bridal set instead of just the ring then the wedding band later are all great tips on how to save money when buying a diamond engagement ring.

Primestyle would like to offer some alternative tips, or maybe better stated as “straight talk” on how to save money when buying an engagement ring.  We are going to provide you some tips as if you were our best friend or relative.

Determine Priorities, set your budget and stick with it!

This is kind of three tips in one sentence, but who’s counting!

Well, we hope you’re counting, your dollars that is…Of course, you want your bride-to-be to wear a dazzling, quality diamond ring that will probably be worn the rest of her life, but what are your ultimate priorities and how much can you really spend on a ring right now? If you two have discussed marriage, you should also discuss priorities when it comes to money and your future together. Better now than later! You might quite possibly discover that a simple, less extravagant ring is better and spending money on the ultimate vacation is BEST!

Raid the family jewelry box!

Well, don’t actually raid it, but does anyone in your family know you are thinking of proposing? If not, speak up! Someone in your family might have Great Aunt Sally’s diamond jewelry collecting cobwebs somewhere just waiting to be passed onto the next generation. And if so, perhaps you can use just the diamonds if the whole ring is not quite the style you were looking for. You can put the diamond in any and this could save you thousands of dollars.


You have determined your budget and have decide to stick with it, you have a diamond or you don’t have a diamond, the next decision is to buy the whole ring, just the setting or just the diamond. Whatever you need to buy, buy on-line. Buying on-line (and of course, we are going to recommend Primestyle.com because we can save you TONS of money) means that you don’t have to deal with the high pressure techniques of a sales person. Primestyle offers many ways to communicate with you us if you need help, and we promise, no one receives commission so we can ensure you are buying at direct factory prices.

Installment Plan – An Alternative Option to Pay

Are you the type of spender who has a difficult time saving for an engagement ring? Primestyle offers a convenient .  Your dream ring may exceed your credit card limit so using your own credit card to set up installment payments may be just the right payment option for you.

Pay only one month and get the ring before you complete all payments! No approval is necessary for this type of payment plan and it allows you to be in control of your budget while using your own credit card.

This is also perfect for those who get extra perks from their credit card companies such as miles for flights and other cool perks for every dollar spent.

Use a Layaway Plan

“Isn’t this article about saving money and not spending it, so how is a lay away plan going to help me?” It’s simple…why remove all the money you plan on spending on your ring all at once when you don’t plan to propose for another few months? At Primestyle, we aren’t savvy financial planners, but we know that when money stays in an account it can earn interest or perhaps some of the money could be applied towards a high interest credit card payment reducing some debt and for those who lose things easily….buying a ring NOW when your proposal plan is a few months away, MIGHT put you at risk for losing that perfect ring!

Using a doesn’t mean we are encouraging you to spend more, it’s just another option for many good reasons.

Be Different!

No one said you had to buy a diamond! Do you know your bride-to-be well enough? Maybe she would prefer an emerald, . After all, Princess Diana received a gorgeous diamond, sapphire engagement ring. While diamonds are the traditionally gemstone, no one says you have to be traditional. Diamonds can be very expensive, but a better, lower cost alternative could be a gemstone just as precious.

how to save money for engagement ring - sample items

See? It’s not really difficult to save money when buying an engagement ring. Sometimes, you just need think outside of the (jewelry) box!

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Oct 15

Beauty, like art is subjective. We hear, often, how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It can be very stressful to pick out the perfect, most beautiful ring for that amazing person in your life. After all, they are going to wear it for a lifetime. It’s a potential heirloom, a symbol of love and a statement piece.

So how do you decide which ten rings are the most beautiful engagement rings? Is it the biggest, brightest, most expensive diamond? Not necessarily.

Primestyle went on a quest to try and discover the top 10 most beautiful engagement rings and this was no easy task. Partially, because we are somewhat biased about our own striking engagement rings! But we did it and we sought out uniqueness and try to pick ones that would fit any bride’s style. So are you ready?

Let’s start with number ten and work our way to number 1, for the grand finale.

# 10

Lights, camera and action! For the more dramatic, outgoing personality, you can’t lose with the number 10 of our top ten most beautiful diamond engagement ring list. This ring is from the Aria collection from DeBeers. The total carat weight of this beauty is 7.46 carat and also has dark blue Aventurine. Everyone needs one of these.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Engagement Rings

# 9

From the Italian-born designer Rossi’s Antifer bridal set, here are four rows of brilliant cut diamonds set in pink gold. We see a little bit of traditional style in this ring, but also a touch of modern art. This ring also has an amazing profile and is quite unique.

Rossi’s Antifer bridal set

# 8

From the designers Van Cleef and Arpels, in our number eight spot is this asymmetrical Couture original diamond engagement ring in a platinum pavé setting. We love the button hole motif and the originality of this ring.

asymmetrical Couture original diamond engagement ring

# 7

For the classical style, Primestyle loves this 1.15 carat round cut diamonds solitaire ring in 14kt yellow gold.

The traditional style of this ring can be found in your great-grandmother’s collection of jewelry, but will still be popular for your own great-grandchildren. Simple, bold and gorgeous just as the woman who will wear this for a lifetime.

primestyle yellow gold solitaire ring

# 6

According to Vogue magazine, they recommend Cartier’s Trinity Ruban ring for the more modern style. Wow. Can you imagine opening a ring box to see this? We see a ribbon of diamonds that looks like they swirl into a rose.  Very original and beautiful and it was hard to decide which place this ring should take so we decided the number 6 spot is good!

Cartier’s Trinity Ruban ring

# 5

A hand-crafted design from Jean Dousset comes the Chelsea Rose diamond engagement ring. The center stone is oval cut and the setting is 18k rose gold.

Chelsea Rose diamond engagement ring

# 4

How about a touch of starlight brilliance with this tiara ring by Vera Wang. Very ornate with melee diamonds and sapphires.

tiara ring by Vera Wang

# 3

You say you like the colored diamonds and pink is your favorite color? Then you will love this jaw dropping Tiffany Soleste® ring in platinum and rose gold with Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Soleste® ring in platinum and rose gold

# 2 of our top ten most beautiful diamond engagement rings is…

Want to see something similar to our number three ring from Primestyle? While not a pink diamond, our .60 carat round cut diamond engagement ring set in 14kt rose gold is just as jaw-dropping! The dots of diamonds on the side rise to the center to help the center diamond shine! We love the rose gold setting.

.60 carat round cut diamond engagement ring set in 14kt rose gold

# 1

And the number 1 most beautiful diamond engagement ring is this bold 5.66 ct yellow cushion cut diamond engagement ring. Warning – put on sunglasses before viewing this ring. It’s brilliant and definitely deserving of the prestigious number one spot!

5.66 ct yellow cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Can you sympathize with us? There are so many amazing, beautiful rings on the market that we could continue to show you a hundred more rings! Do you have a ring that you would consider the most beautiful? Are you wearing one? Share with the Primestyle team so we can see your piece of art!

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Oct 15

There are many factors that make something popular, especially when it comes to fashion and jewelry. Popularity can be based on the latest trends, or fads, what’s “in” for that particular season. Sometimes it’s just a matter of what a famous celebrity wore or has been wearing on the latest popular television shows or movie.

No matter what the clothing trend of the season is, no outfit is complete without accessories. Imagine those cool 70’s outfits without the “peace” sign necklace or maybe you remember the “jelly” bracelets made popular by Madonna back in the 80’s? Or the more current trend of ear cuffs and midi-rings?

Jewelry will always be a staple piece of one’s wardrobe and popularity will sometimes dictate what you may choose to wear, but what about gemstones? Gemstones don’t really change much other than perhaps, the cut or the style of jewelry they are a part of, so what are the top five most popular gemstones?

Primestyle set out to do their own research to answer this question. Fashion trends and popularity come and go, so we wanted to make a list of something a bit more timeless. We scoured the internet, asked colleagues, friends and occasionally, someone walking down the street. Ok, we didn’t go that far…but we were able to compile a list of the top five most popular gemstones that we are really confident you will agree with!


#1 The diamond.


If you didn’t know this, you must be living under a rock! Did you catch the joke? Get it? A rock? We couldn’t resist.

So, yes, the diamond is the most popular! Why wouldn’t it be? This colorless gem sparkles, dazzles and even comes in various colors! If the traditional clear colorless is not your thing, try blue or yellow or the rarest; red.

It usually always accompanies any other gemstone in pieces of jewelry and of course, is the most popular gemstone in a ring when proposing marriage. But let’s not wait for marriage, how about wearing a pair of these gorgeous round cut diamond stud earrings the next time you go out for a night on the town? Or maybe jewelry isn’t your thing, but did you know diamonds are also used for industrial purposes such as drill bits? While we do love diamonds, we would not recommend wearing a pair of drill bits as part of your “night on the town” outfit.

diamond stud earrings

#2 The ruby.


There was a close tie between the sapphire and ruby but, the magnificent ruby takes the number two spot on our list of the top five most popular gemstones.

Red is such a strong, vibrant color so no wonder this is a popular gem. They are also often used as an alternative to a diamond in engagement rings. No wonder since the ruby also represents love and passion. Did you know that rubies are actually sapphires? They are just a different color, but also come from the mineral “corundum”, just like the sapphire. Rubies just shout prestige and class and also look breathtaking with diamonds.

Not that anyone needs a reason to give ruby jewelry as a gift, but just in case you are wondering, rubies are the traditional gift for your 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. Looking for a gift? If this is you, check out this diamond and ruby bracelet.


#3 The sapphire.


The third most popular gemstone of our top five gemstone list is the beautiful, blue gemstone known as the “sapphire”.  Actually, sapphires do come in different colors, (such as the ruby as we mentioned above) but blue is the most popular especially among celebrities.

Who can forget the beautiful sapphire engagement ring that Princess Diana wore and is now worn by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge? If this precious gem is fit for royalty, then all of us should own at least one or two.

A girl can never have enough rings, or diamonds, or sapphires….

diamond and sapphires three stone ring


#4 The emerald.

green emerald

Emeralds. Rich, dark green in color and another favorite among royalty and celebrities.

A couple of fun facts about emeralds…did you know that Seattle was once called the “Emerald City” because of all the green forests? Green is the sign of spring and Egyptians believed that emeralds represented rebirth and fertility.

Also, John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie with a very unique emerald (and diamond) engagement ring. Even as a wedding band, emeralds and diamonds look stunning together! Look at this eternity band with round cut diamonds and emeralds from Primestyle. This eternity band would make a beautiful midi-ring!

diamond and emeralds eternity band


amethystLast but not least, number five in our list of top five popular gemstones is the amethyst.

What is not to love about this mysterious deep color of purple which is the most common color of the amethyst? This stone represents deep love, happiness and wealth and once was considered more precious than the diamond.

There you have it, jewelry lovers! Primestyle’s top five most popular gemstone list! We love putting these lists for you! Let us know what YOUR favorite gemstone is or what you think should have made the top 5 most popular gemstone list! We’d love to hear from you.

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